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Jul 17, 2007 12:15 PM

What's the worst (nice) restaurant you have been to?

For me it's a tie between English is Italian and Aureole.

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  1. Danube..Hands Down...A terrible experience...Rude treatment by staff. Waited 10 minutes for the Maitre D, who was drinking in the bar area....Wait staff appeared angry. Water glasses not refilled; wine brought after entrees served..etc. etc.

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      I totally agree with Will4food re Danube. We had dined there twice in a lovely setting and reasonably good food. Then about 3 years ago we returned w/ a reservation for four. We were made to wait about 40 minutes in the bar area--while another party of similar size was seated-- and were finally offered a free drink--with NO apologies. We were then shown to a table that would have seated 8 to 10 comfortably. When we declined the table --we would have had to shout to each other to be heard--we left Danube in absolute disgust NEVER to return.

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        Ditto, the first time there it was great, the second time for my birthday it was horrendous.
        They forgot to put our order in to the kitchen. It was so horrible they compt the entire dinner.

      2. DANUBE! Ugh. Waited for 45 minutes with a reservation we made weeks in advance for a table of 8. RUDE RUDE staff. Head waiter fighting with support waiters in dining area so it was totally noticable. The entire staff acted like waiting on us was a huge inconvenience. I'd never go back again.

        1. Cafe des artistes...bleh. i wonder if Joey from top chef was in the kitchen that night?

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            thought it was just jfood. he needed a chain saw to cut through the chicken. server was pleasant though.

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              Cafe des artistes...agreed. Beautiful resturant, but kind of like Tavern on the Green (at least when I last ate there), the food is simply not the focus. Very traditional and yet lacking any depth.

          2. The Four Seasons. We waited in the bar for over an hour for our table even though we had a reservation with no explanation or apologies. Once seated our waiter was awful. He didn't bring out the wine until after our appetizers and he messed up 2 desserts and never offered to take them back. The whole time he maybe checked on us once which was just silly because as a party of 7 we probably would have ordered about 3 more bottles of wine if he had ever been around.

            1. L'Absinthe on the Upper East is pretty awful. I went recently on a weeknight with a couple of people from work. We had reservations, and the restaurant was nowhere near full, yet our dinner took over an hour to arrive. This might not have been so bad had our waiter not obviously lied to us about what happened. When he came back from asking the kitchen, rather than tell us they forgot about our order, our waiter made some excuse about how tons of people all came in at the same time and swamped the kitchen. Which was ridiculous, since we were there when we came in, and it was just us.

              When our food finally arrived, it was totally underwhelming - just nothing-special bistro faire. Yet soooo expensive!

              We never received so much as an apology, let alone a drink or dessert on the house. The best they could do was to offer us some more bread about 45 minutes into our wait.

              AND they were out of the duck. What kind of French restaurant runs out of duck?

              Overall, pointless waste of time and money. I will not be going back.