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Jul 17, 2007 12:15 PM

Best Staten Island Bakery/ Cake?

I am looking for a great birthday cake from a bakery on Staten Island. I have heard Cake Chef, Renato's, Pasticerria Bruno, Buono Bakery, Royal Crown, Luigi's and Andrew and Alan's are all great but don't know which is best. I am looking for something a little different, perhaps with pistachio and/or chocolate. Please give me some recommendations and preferably specific cakes and flavors that are the best.

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  1. I have no idea about the other places, but friends on SI who bring pastries to our house, get them at Royal Crown. They are great.

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      there used to be a cake place in staten island that i would take my kids pictures and they would put them on the cake i can not remember the name and does anyone know are they still in business and have a website?

    2. I responded more fully to your other posting, but I have to add that Andrew and Alan's has changed hands and the quality has suffered considerably. The cakes/toppings and fillings are unbearably sweet. I'd stick with Cake Chef or Mother Mousse.

      1. try Mother Mousse its on Victory Blvd going towards the West Shore Expresway, pass over Richmond Avenue.

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          Any recs on specific cakes to get from Mother Mousse or Cake Chef?

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            It depends on your pref... Mother Mousse's Dulce De Leche (sp?) is delicious, as is their strawberrry shortcake and anything chocolaty. They have 2 locations:
            The one listed above and a smaller store on Hylan Blvd and Midland Ave, next to Papa Johns and Blockbuster.
            Mis Poste and I agree on this... I've never had a bad cake from Cake Chef.
            The Master Baker manages to make rich, but never overly sweet, cakes and cookies. Warning: They are open a limited number of days and on the weekends, it is not uncommon for them to pretty much run out many items.

        2. Cake Chef, hands down. The fillings are fresh, fresh, fresh, the buttercream forsting and ganache are to die for, and the prices are incredible, too.
          Andrew and Alan's is not was it once was...