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best non-mozza pizza in LA?

What's the best pizza place in LA that is not Pizzeria Mozza?

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  1. Pizzarito in Marina Del Rey. So good! Not fancy like Mario Batali’s place but a good cheese slice and great sausage. Nice! Cheers, Saffron_Kid.

      1. I was super impressed with Zelo in Arcadia last weekend. That corn pizza is amazing!

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            I live in Westwood and Lamonica's does the job for me. There are coupons a couple of times per week in the Daily Bruin for 2-topping large pizzas with tax and a drink for $12.95 -- I like the sausage and pepperoni, sprinkled with red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. Reliable delivery. (I think the same pizza on their regular menu comes in just under $14, before tax, and they have a two-for-one deal on Mondays.)

            There are occasional send-ups on this board for other places, for example the "New York" pizza place on Santa Monica Blvd and Sepulveda a few months ago. Doesn't compare. I've liked Victor Jr's down on Washington in Culver City for meatball subs and their pizza looks great, but more expensive and they don't deliver this far. I've gotta try the Coop now that I've found it way down on National near the freeway and Venice Blvd.

          2. Thanks! what do you all think of Casa Bianca?

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              Tasty, but not worth the hour-long wait.

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                Not to mention that that wait is often on the street, there are no reservations for less than 6, the place is a mob scene, and that the pies are good but not better than you can get elsewhere. Crust is thin and crackery which is a little different from most and seems to be the big attraction. On the other hand $7 carafes of $4 wine is pretty good. Adherents seem to me to have some sort of religious mind set. The much raved about deep fried eggplant topping has a nice texture but is tasteless.

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                  I think Casa Bianca's meatball and pepperoni pizza is AMAZING..... but even their plain old cheese is something-to-rave-about! I love love love Casa Bianca!

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                    Second Petrillo's! Their speciality pizza is amazing!

                  2. There is better, and more reasonable, pizza to be found in LA that is not Mozza - Vitos on La Cienega, and Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock being my favorites. La Buca and Angelini Osteria also have traditional Italian pizzas that are excellent. All are easily on par with, if not better than, Mozza.

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                      Yes, the OP original question is worded as though it is a foregone conclusion that Mozza is the best L.A. has to offer. : }

                    2. Zelo

                      Zelo Pizzeria
                      328 E Foothill Blvd, Arcadia, CA 91006

                      1. Albano's on Melrose or Damiano's on Fairfax. Thin crust, not too greasy and totally foldable.

                        Now if only I could find a solid stromboli!

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                        1. My favorite is Village Pizzeria in Larchmont.

                          Village Pizzeria
                          131 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

                          1. In Brentwood I like Toscana and Amici

                              1. All of these are different types, but good in their own rights...
                                Second Vito's
                                Dino's in Burbank
                                Joe Peep's

                                1. Addendum: If you're downtown, Purgatory Pizza with the El Diablo sauce is outstanding.

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                                    We also like Pizza Next Door for that NYC feel when in Downtown.

                                  2. village pizzeria for sure, i tried vito's and was not impressed.

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                                        2nd and 3rd ! Vito's

                                        Mulberry street in Encino and Red Balls Rock and roll Pizza in Woodland Hills are very good substitutes

                                      2. I love Vito's and Albano's for east coast style pizza and think they are the best pizza in LA.

                                        But if your idea of the best pizza in LA is Mozza, then in that context, I suggest you try Bossa Nova. They have very good pizza and a nice variety of less common toppings (shrimp, sun-dried tomato, pesto, etc.). and a banana pizza with mascarpone and cinnamon, yum!

                                        1. places i really like are Vitos, Mulberry, Angeli has great pizza - their bread is amazing, abotts pizza in venice. village pizza on larchmont is pretty good. i used to love albanos until the bug in my pizza incident, Roccos on wilshire isn't bad at all either.

                                          1. Angelini Osteria and Pizza Rustica on Sunset are two of my faves. Still need to try Vito's...

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                                              Vito's and Village tie for number one, Lamonica's a close second. Restaurant-wise, La Buca and Angelini, and Angeli are all pretty great.

                                              I think Casa Bianca is overrated. I judge a pie on how good it is with just cheese and Casa doesn't measure up. If you don't get the sausage it's trouble.

                                            2. We love Little Tony's pizza in North Hollywod, thin, but not super thin crust, tasty, light sauce and yummy cheese, not greasy and great toppings, very classic Italian pizza

                                              1. Casa Bianca is my favorite. The crust is crispy which is why it does not fall over and droop. I'm a big fan of the sausage and cheese -- this is real italian sausage with fennel seeds not the artificial flavored Sausage that tends to be the norm. And the plain cheese is delicious as well, Also, am a fan of Zelo's as well. For NY style I like Mulberry Street. Still have to try Petrillo's.