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Jul 17, 2007 11:50 AM

Thai Town?


We're just about to move to the Bronson Canyon area and we're showing our house to a friend from out of town tonight. He wants Thai. What's our best bet in Thai Town?

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    5233 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

    1. I personally dig:

      1. Thailand Plaza
      2. Ruen Pair
      3. Sanamluang Cafe
      4. Thai Town Noodle

      I also heard great things about Sapp's Coffee Shop, but I still can't find where it is, despite living just a mile from Thai Town.

      Thailand Plaza
      5321 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

      Sanam Luang Cafe
      5170 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

      Ruen Pair Restaurant
      5257 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

      Thai Town Noodle
      5136 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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      1. re: Normal Garciaparra

        Sapp is at 5183 Hollywood Blvd. so shouldn't be too hard to track down. Note that they're not open past 8 pm or so.

        In addition to the above places, I like Red Corner Asia when you're looking for a slightly nicer setting or have people with you who might be put off by funkier places and Thai Patio, ditto (both in same plaza as Ruen Pair, above).
        Normal, have you been to Thailand Plaza lately? Is it just one restaurant or still a food court type set-up (maybe that was years ago). What do you recommend there?
        Also, Yai and Yai's on Vermont for very homestyle and authentic food and Nadpob in Silver Lake for some killer drunken noodles.

        1. re: Chowpatty

          I second Red Corner Asia. I've had great dining experiences there and it's definitely a nice setting. The food is fantastic too whether for meat-eaters or vegetarians.

          Also, Palms Thai at 5900 Hollywood Blvd. is great too. Plus, they have a singing Elvis but I think that may only be on Fridays and Saturdays.

          1. re: HungryLaw

            Thanks for the recs. Any specific dishes at red corner asia?

            1. re: svonkie

              OK, you're in the midst of a real estate transaction so you want the service, upscale atmosphere and prices of Red Corner. It has received many good reviews on this board. But Jitlada, Ruen Pair, or Palms is more authentic and bold food at half the price so you can order twice the dishes.

              1. re: nosh

                Point well taken! Let me throw one more wrinkle into the request: no flourescent lights.

                1. re: svonkie

                  I can't remember the exact lighting profile of each place, but Red Corner is nicer/newer overall and Jitlada is the least flourescent, I would say. At RCA, I like the shrimp with crispy basil and the fish cakes wrapped around lemongrass stalks, but their special volcanic chicken is not as good as their other dishes.

                  1. re: svonkie

                    Now that's a great one. How LA! I can see it now - "BYOL restaurants next trend in food service....". Wasn't there a place in Paris where you could dine in the dark?

                    Actually, on the serious side, that may be a hard one for Thai town. You may do best in Red Corner Asia in that it's new and stylish and they may be using more halogen or incandescant fixtures.

                    And shame on you, ChowPatty, for not recalling lighting profiles. Engrossed in the food, are you? :-)

            2. re: Chowpatty

              Thai Plaza is definitely a restaurant. I've been there three times since April. Maybe the food court thing was downstairs in the Silom Market, but as far as I remember it's been a restaurant. The appetizers rule there, especially the Golden Bags and Thai Toast. I always get the Chicken Larb out of habit. A couple years ago my dad and I took a work associate of his visiting from Texas, who was born in Thailand, to Thailand Plaza and he said some of the dishes take him back home.

              What's best at Red Corner, I've never been there though I know exactly where it is.

              I always thought Palms to be kind of bland and greasy...When Thai Elvis is not performing, it's not even worth going inside.

              1. re: Normal Garciaparra

                Yes, back in 1993 Thai Plaza was one of Jonathan Gold's favorites, with eight different types of Thai restaurants in one place inlcuding an outpost of Renu Nakorn:
                See above for Red Corner recs.

            3. re: Normal Garciaparra

              Second Sanam Luang and Jitlada. Different but both excellent

                1. re: highforpie

                  settled on jitlada. Any reccomendations?

                  1. re: svonkie

                    I think that the whole fish with fried garlic is amazing. Especially if you are getting other spicy stuff.

                    I also loved the catfish in turmeric broth and wild tea leaves (on the Southern Thai menu).

                    Beware the fishball green curry if you are squeamish about the taste of duck egg yolk. I loved it, and the dish is great, but the yolk is intense.

                    We only tried the mango salad, but it was great, especially good on top of the fried fish - be sure to save some.


                    1. re: svonkie

                      Flip to the last page of the menu, where everything is in Thai but is thoughtfully translated. You'll do fine there. Other things on the menu I really like include the soft shell crab curry and the mango salad.