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Jul 17, 2007 11:42 AM

Best Brooklyn Fruit/Veg Stand

I'm sure there are a lot of strong opinions about this one. But which is the best? Circus? 3 Guys? The place at McDonald and Ave I? The small, boutique-y one on Ave U between McD and OP (around E5th)? Jim and Andy's? The Orchard (maybe when I get that promotion...)

I was at Circus last week and my picks were about 50/50: Great black plums and cantaloupe, lousy red plums and apricots, 2 peaches -- 1 good (Georgia) one bad (white). Green grapes had a way too thick skin, so much so as to be inedible. Great, juicy cherries though.

So what's the favorite??

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  1. Since they're so close, I usually hit Three Guys and Circus Fruits. I love them both but Three Guys has parmesan and my favorite yogurt while Circus has the deli. I think wholesale produce is always a gamble and you can't escape the occasional disappointment. You just have to get what's good that day and do a thorough inspection. Usually if the lettuce looks bad at Three Guys I can find good stuff at Circus and vice versa. I take my produce and my budget seriously and don't think that visiting both is excessive, do you?

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      Not excessive at all. I must confess, I've never been inside 3 Guys. I'll rectify that asap. I'll take a look at their parm and yogurt. Thanks.

      1. re: HankyT

        Enjoy, Hanky. Just to be sure you're not misled, the cheese and yogurt is not gourmet but, on my budget, I would rather have theirs than none at all!
        The real reason to go to Three Guys is the cheap and diverse produce. Also, be sure to stick your face in the basil before you leave :)

        1. re: PAnhandler

          and get a bag of Turkish bread inside at Three Guys

          My favorite place for greens is at the opposite end of the spectrum -- Evolutionary Organics at the Saturday Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza.
          Pricey, but perfect -- never bitter but insanely sharp mustard greens and other mad micro greenery.

          1. re: pitu

            I have to agree with Pitu. This is perhaps a winter, early spring question. This time of year you can't beat the Greenmarkets especially the one at GAP, but even the Boro Hall one has a lot of nice things.

    2. much prefer three guys to circus - better places for Deli - Id rather just tool down a few blocks to Coluccio or one of the other Italian places. Theres a limit to the number of crazy scenes I can handle in one day, too and my visits in that area always include Chinatown where parking is also difficult. Some good produce stores sort of in the middle of the strip - around say 55-56 street, but better for greens than fruit.

      Get a lot of very good fruit for good prices at costco too, but also major disappointments - they just are not reliable in their produce handling.

      I used to go to a couple of produce stands on Brighton Beach Ave which had great selection and price - dont know if they are still recommendable. Very picky clientele there.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        I like Brighton too. There's produce stands aplenty there and not too far off a rather nice boardwalk too. ; )

      2. I've had good ludk at the place on 3rd ave near costco. I can't remember the name.

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        1. re: j.ey2

          Rossmans. I both love and hate this place- and the fact that it is across the street from the live poultry place skeeves me out but...
          You can always get parking, they have had really good avocados. You have to go in with an open mind and be prepared for surprises. I never leave the place thinking that they must have undercharged me...

        2. I completely disagree with you about Jim & Andy’s. Seems like the old man there (not sure if he’s Jim or Andy) just sits there and stares out the window with this mopey expression on his face, which doesn’t exactly inspire one to shop. They close early and it’s not exactly the cleanest. I prefer other places in the neighborhood which IMHO have better selection, choice and are more convenient to shop in such as the fruit store on Pacific & Court or the one on Atlantic Ave. near Sahadi’s. They’re not necessarily the best in Brooklyn, maybe best in the area.

          1. Three Guys from Brooklyn is my end all for produce. Be wary, you need to PICK your stuff. Make sure to spend time with it because their stuff isn't always good, but there's always good stuff if you look. Also, if you ask the employees to pick stuff for you they're (for me at least) always given me really good picks.