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Jul 17, 2007 11:15 AM

Easton PA recent recommendations

Hi. We're going to the state theatre in easton in August. Any ideas for a casual meal prior to it in somewhat close proximity? Would love ethnic - thai, italian, etc, but will take any suggestion. BBQ good too. THANKS.

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  1. Easton has several that I can vouch for, and a few I've just heard of. If you don't mind traveling for about 10 minutes, on Sullivan Trail there's Fat Daddy's BBQ (, which I can attest to. Great dry-rub ribs & the pork is good & plentiful.
    There are a couple new ethnic places on Northampton St. SoGo @ 237 Northampton is Asian Fusion. I can't attest, but I really want to try. I've heard of a new Thai place, but I can't find references anywhere.
    I've heard Julianna's is good for Fine Italian, but I've only heard. I can't find any postings, but I've heard from locals.
    One place that is a little bit of a hike from Easton is Cafe Del Mar in Belfast ( It's actually closer to Nazareth, but it's Mediterranean and quite wonderful. The regular menu is great and the specials are well worth it. It's a shame it's so far off the beaten path, but it's a gem.
    I've been to the River Grill on the river side of the Northampton, but wasn't terrifically impressed. It seemed more for show than for food.
    For Desert downtown (they close early, but) Suzie's Mixing Bowl ( has some great cakes and treats. On the pricey side, but well worth it for a few slices.

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      I've been to SoGo several times, and I've really enjoyed it. I've only had sushi though, so I can't speak to the other dishes on the menu.

      The new Thai place is just a few stores down from SoGo; it's called Phenom, and I've heard they specialize in exotic vegetarian dishes. I'm looking forward to trying it.