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Jul 17, 2007 11:01 AM

Los Angeles CH'er seeks help!

hi all,

I'll be going to Toronto later this week for a business conference and will be staying in the Sheraton right behind the Toronto City Hall, from Thursday --> early Sunday morning.

I've looked at the maps and know that Chinatown is really nearby and was wondering if I could ask for some advice from some fellow CH'ers in Toronto:

Our meetings are going to be really busy and really long, so I'd really appreciate recommendations of any Chinese eateries that are open really, really late and rather cheap? I'll probably be going by myself, so there's no need to go to any luxurious restaurants or banquet places. I'd be willing to go anywhere, even if it means going to any dirty "hole in the wall's"!!

And preferably, if it's in walking distance, that would be really extra bonus!

Thanks, all!

(P.S. With our beloved "Heavy Noodling" restaurant closing in Los Angeles, we have a severe lack of restaurants that serve "dao xiao mian" (knife-cut noodles). Do any restaurants serve this?)

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  1. Welcome in advance! There is always much debate about which Chinatown place is best, but my two choices would be Spadina Garden which is stumbling distance from the hotel. On Dundas St, just west of Bay St on the north side. Personally love the spicy peanut Chicken and the hot and sour soup. I've also asked them to combine something of one dish with something of another and they were very happy to make up a personal dish. Very friendly. Great lunch deals, too. Also a fan of Swatow on Spadina, just North of Dundas on the east side.

    But I would also point out Kensington market. Great empanadas, coffee and cheese boutiques at low prices. Check out your map and you'll see a little area west of Spadina, north of Dundas with street names of Baldwin and Augusta. Can't speak to how late everything's open, but all excellent, cheap choices.

    1. Not sure about your noodles but there is a chinese restaurant at the edge of Chinatown that we used to frequent at 3am after the bars closed it is the Garden Restaurant on Dundas Street just west of Bay Street on the south side second floor. Green Sign. Also if you want a beer after hours just ask them for "cold tea" :-)

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          In Toronto you cannot serve alcohol after 2am. We used to go for Chinese at 3am :-)

      1. Lai Wah Heen is just up the block from your hotel in the Metropolitan Hotel and has the best and most expensive dim sum in the City, if you want to break the bank one day.
        Rol San on Spadina is very good cheap dum sum.
        Mother's Dumplings on Huron off Dundas has very good cheap.....dumplings.
        I second Kensington for empanadas and other South American street type food, though I as well do not know the hours.

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        1. re: Scary Bill

          His main point was "open really really late" which I am assuming means after midnight...
          Lai Wah Heen definately is great but not open late.
          Kensington food shops are quite a hike and I do not think they stay open too late either.

          1. re: OnDaGo

            You assume what you wish. I will do likewise.

        2. King's Noodle is a late-night favourite. And it's clean!

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            Make that two in favour of King's Noodle. I was shocked by the size of my noodle soup the first time I ordered - to the point of asking my server that they had indeed brought me a small. As mentioned, it's clean and also very cheap.
            I do like Swatow for late night Chinese, but I've been disappointed by their food the last few times I've been. The black bean beef on fried noodle is still easily the best in town, but otherwise it's so-so.

          2. Kom Jug Yuen on spadina near college has amazing Hot & Sour soup appro $4-5 and you will be lucky if you finish it...and they are open late ...spent many late evening / early morning meals there .

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              I have to respectfully disagree with the recommendation for KJY. Awful food, and very sketchy cleanliness. Avoid at all costs.