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Jul 17, 2007 10:29 AM

CSA Mizuna

I desperately need suggestions on what to do with this. It's like a Japanese mustard green. Should I cook it down like spinach or chard? Should I put it in a green salad (it's a little too bitter for my tastes raw)? Should I find someone's bunny to feed it to?

It came in the CSA box and it's a beautiful bundle (and hopefully I don't get it again this week) and I'm all for using up whatever the CSA gods bestow, but I just don't know what to do with this.

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  1. That stuff is pretty strong on its own. If you have other greens to mix with, it's not so bad as a component of a salad---and then make a sort of sweet, Asian-inspired salad dressing--something with lime and ginger that will offset the bitterness. If you are a meat or fish eater, it would be a good basis for a salad that you add warm sliced grilled chicken or beef or whole shrimp to.

    Searing it is good, too--warm up some sesame oil, add some garlic and the mizuna, and try adding a little soy sauce and mirin.

    1. you could put it on a good sandwich...maybe a panini type of thing or something.

      and i found this on sounds good.

      Wilted Asian Greens

      1. A local restaurant was serving salad: that was a mix of mizuna and other greens topped with grilled fresh figs.

        1. So far this year, out of all of our CSA greens, Mizuna has been the favorite.

          We saute shallots, slab bacon, a little olive oil, garlic and diced chiles. I then add the mizuna after boiling for 2 min.

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            I was just thinking maybe I should cook it with bacon - everything's better with bacon!

          2. this is also one of my favorite things from the CSA. I add it to my usual stir fries (eg. kung pao chicken or chicken with ginger and walnuts) and think it really adds a nice touch.