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Jul 17, 2007 10:23 AM

Raleigh - Sunday Brunch

New to the boards (great find through a Google search)....

Sunday Brunch has become a bit of a "tradition" with my girlfriend each week, and I'm running out of the usual suspects. I'm looking for some good suggestions out there for the Triangle Area?


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  1. For ..."the triangle area", there are several, but my personal favorite is il palio at the Sienna Hotel on E. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.

    Reservations are recommended, seatings start at 11:30. It is a large and complete brunch buffet, prosecco is served at noon.

    1. If you're willing to travel, I really enjoy brunch at Vin Rouge in Durham.

      1. Jibarra in Raleigh has an outstanding Sunday brunch. In Durham, Piedmont does too.

        1. Raleigh: Hot Point at North Hills serves extended breakfast on Sundays; Entoca Vin (Glenwood South) for fancier fare; NoFo (5 Points); and the even the Cafe Carolina serves brunch, too. (for a complete dive, but great chow, try Finch's on Peace St. for breakfast, 7 days a week)

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            I may be wrong, but I don't think that Hot Point is open on Sundays. I would say Vivace, 518, or Michael Deans. I agree that Finch's is a great dive spot. They take cash only.

          2. Thank you everyone! I'll be trying some of these in the next few weeks. Much appreciated!