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Jul 17, 2007 09:58 AM

Shuck at home! Where to buy fresh oysters at decent prices?

hey everyone!
i just came back from a trip to France and learned how to shuck oysters in Brittany. now that i know how i plan on eating them at home for a fraction of what i'd spend at a restaurant. of course, the catch is making sure i can find some fresh and reasonably priced oysters. where should i go?


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  1. We buy our oysters at Citarella - they usually have 6-7 (if not more) varieties from which to choose. Always fresh, etc.

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      Second Citarella. Wild Edibles at the Grand Central Terminal also has a large nice selection.

      Do NOT go to Whole Foods - Awful!

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        I agree - don't bother trying WF - have not had their oysters, but their fish looks v. sad! As someone else mentioned - the Lobster Place - I've bought beautiful fish at the Bleecker St. location - not bought oysters there though.

    2. My go-to stop for shellfish is The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market. Great mussels, clams, cockles, etc. and the folks who work there are very good at checking to make sure you only get live ones.

      1. Seabreeze fish market on 9th ave at 40th st.? Certainly lower price than any of the other mentioned markets.

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          awesome recs, thanks!

          one more question. i figure it would be smartest to aim for long island oysters. any places specialize in local catches?