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Jul 17, 2007 09:32 AM

Best <$5 lunches in East Village, West Village, Chinatown and Union Square

Hi. Where are your favorites less than $5 lunches in the EV, WV, Union Square, Chinatown and possibly even the LES/Alphabet City? Here are some of my favs

A Chau Deli (Banh Mi - I think $3.50)

Saigon Banh Mi (Banh Mi - I think $3.50)

Chinese Place ($1 dumplings, $1 for 2 fried chicken legs, $2.75 for 3 choices of food and rice) corner of Broome and Mott Street

Cart at the corner of 4th & Broadway ($3.50 Gyro)

Mamoun's Falafel ($2.95 falafel sandwich)

Wendy's (Super Value Menu)

Dosa Man (all vegetarian items under $5)

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  1. There's the Lunch Box Buffet aka Central Buffet at 195 Centre. Last time I was there it was $3 for four items which is even cheaper than the buck a plate stuff you find sometimes in the poorer non-Asian neighborhoods. And you can more than fill yourself up for under $5 at any of the Chinese bakery/cafes with dim sum type baked goods and sandwiches (e.g., Fay Da among dozens in Chinatown).

    1. There is a 5-sides for $4 Chinese hot&cold buffet a block north from Canal & Broadway. You can take out, and they have plenty of sit down tables but no air conditioning. the white rice you get with the plate is considered a side, so make sure you refuse it when you first pay in order to get something else. if you want additional sides or baked goods most are just another $1

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        Isn't that place on Centre and not Broadway?

      2. Zaragoza Mexican Deli is awesome. $2 tacos (get two and you're good for a light lunch). They've typically got a few different meat items, but they're all good. Its on Avenue A, between 12th and 13th I believe.

        1. As for bahn mi, I personally prefer Saigon Bakery, on Mott, a little south of Grand. $3.25.

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            go to the big enchildada on 12th and university. 3 beef tacos are 1.59 each.

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              Dumpling House on Eldridge. 5 great dumplings for $1. You can also have a nice big beef sesame pancake for an extra $1.50.

          2. Sammy's Halal cart (offshoot of 2006 Vendy winner)
            4th St. between Broadway & Lafayette

            chicken over rice - $4
            chicken & gyro meat combo over rice - $5 (my fave)

            Extra white sauce, extra hot sauce. Next time I'm going to have to check if they have the green sauce like in Jackson Heights.


            Super Taste
            26 Eldridge Street (between Canal & Division)

            spicy beef hnd-pulled noodle soup - $4.25


            Dumpling House
            118 Eldridge Street

            sesame pancake with beef - $1.50 (squirt some Sriracha & it's like a mini banh mi)
            pork & chive fried dumplings - $1 for 5

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            1. re: spanky28

              I used to like Sammy's, but after trying Rafiqi's at 9th and Broadway, I've converted to their lamb and chicken rice plate. The pieces are bigger and less shredded, which I prefer, and I find their lamb to be much better than Sammy's. I think it's 4.50 for the mixed plate.

              1. re: spchang

                Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to try it since it's closer to me that Sammy's. Will report back.