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Jul 17, 2007 09:25 AM

Sat Lunch- Garfield and 7th- Park Slope

I am not very familiar with Park Slope but will be on 7th Street (near Garfield) Saturday around lunch time. Would you all mind recommending some places to grab some lunch that's within easy walking distance? Any type of food would be ok- we like eating adventures.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you want something good you may have to go down to 5th Avenue. However, there are a number of serviciable resturants on that street that you will see as you stand on the corner. Including, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Pitas, Italian. further toward Flatbush you will also find Mango and Chocolate & (blanking). These are more fushiony and perhaps more interesting. Both of which i have enjoyed, but only been to once.

    1. Do not go to the Italian place on 7th ave, right around the corner (the name is escapiing me) It's overpriced and not very good at all!

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        the new place Elementi? is that terrible?

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          No, I'm talking about a pasta place that's been there a while called Pasta Presto or Tutti Pasta or something like that.

      2. I think that Miracle Grill is near there... I really like their brunch... and stone park cafe and cocotte are not to far south on 5th ave

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          Miracle Grill has been my go-to brunch place throughout the year and a half I've lived in the Slope, but last time they really let me down. Cold coffee, inattentive service, eggs way overcooked (twice!). I'm hoping it was just an "off" day. I'd love to hear feedback from anyone else who has been there recently. I want to give them another chance; the outdoor patio is so lovely, and their version of eggs benedict (with cornbread and chipotle hollandaise) is one of my favorite brunch dishes.

          While I do think 5th Ave has superior options, there are some good places if you would rather stay on 7th. If you don't have your heart set on a sit-down place, Tempo Presto (7th Ave. & 3rd St.) makes great sandwiches. You order at the counter, but there are plenty of tables. Their grilled chicken sandwich (on a crusty baguette with cilantro pesto, avocado, cuke, and caramelized onions) is a standby of mine.

          Chiles & Chocolate is a Oaxacan place on 7th ave. near Lincoln (5 blocks north of garfield). I've never been there for lunch/brunch, but their dinners have been great (the much-maligned tamales notwithstanding). If you feel like Thai, I would recommend Mango next door to C&C over either of the other places in the vicinity (Lemongrass or T). 2nd Street Cafe on 7th always seems to be packed at brunchtime, but I've never been there and thus can't vouch for the food.

        2. I had a very good brunch at Sette on 7th Ave. & 3rd St. recently - good food and unlimited champagne cocktails. I also liked the food at Sotto Voce, also on 7th at 4th St.

          1. Rose Water on Union and 6th Avenue is always good for bunch. Only catch is that it may have a wait on a Saturday.