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Jul 17, 2007 09:07 AM

Il Borgo - San Francisco - Report

I went to Il Borgo on Laguna St. in Hayes Valley last night with two friends. We were there on the later side (arrived at 9) but had a very nice meal. The three of us split the mixed greens salad, the fusilli with eggplant/tomato sauce, and a margherita pizza.

The salad was good, contained various greens and some chopped tomatoes. The dressing was a bit heavy on olive oil, but good - also quite garlicky. We enjoyed this.

The fusilli was my favorite. The tomato sauce was very good, and I am eager to go back to Il Borgo to try other dishes with their tomato sauce. The eggplant was tender and sweet, and the dish was topped with lots of mozzarella cheese. Delicious.

The pizza was the weakest dish in my opinion. It was freshly baked, but as one friend described it, it for some reason wasn't quite hot enough. Also, I thought the crust was pretty disappointing - not crispy, but not really soft either. Just sort of plain and "nothing special." I was hoping for more out of a freshly made pizza.

Service was incredibly friendly, and I really liked the vibe in the restaurant. A very nice neighborhood feel.

Sharing was no problem at all (we all had our own small plates) and the total bill was 31 dollars before tip. It was a perfect amount of food for 3 of us.

Looks like there was a chowdown there a year and a half ago:

And there have been many mentions since then too. Still, I had never heard of this place until yesterday. I'm glad I got to try it.

Dave MP

Il Borgo
500 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. Definitely try the pastas, especially the fettuccine bolognese, lasagnetta, and carbonara. The only time I ever had the pizza was at the Chowdown and while fine, there are too many other places for pizza.

    1. Is it still cash only? Can someone verify if they are currently open or closed on Sunday.

      Previous reports:

      Il Borgo
      500 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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        Still cash only (but there is an ATM there) and open on Sundays.

      2. Mom and I wound up here Sunday night about 9pm when other spots in Hayes Valley were closing or packed to the rafters. Il Borgo seats until 10pm, and some stragglers came in after we did to be welcomed warmly by the front of the house lady. This was our first time here.

        We shared the mixed green salad that was quite good with very fresh arugula and mustard-y greens and a light herb vinaigrette. Mom especially liked the light and crisp housebaked bread and ate almost half the served-warm loaf.

        We also split the fusilli with eggplant and mozzarella that sounds like what you ordered, depicted in the fuzzy picture below taken by candle-stuck-in-a-chianti-fiasco light. The fusilli was too firm for her, but just right for me. The sauce seemed a little dusty, but good enough. The chunks of eggplant were tender and velvety without being oil-laden. The chewy mozzarella didn't quite do it for me. Still at $12.50 for a plate of pasta bigger than two of us can finish, I can't complain. Not better than what I can make at home, but at that price, it doesn't need to be. Also had a glass of Villa Claudia Chianti Classico, $8.