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Jul 17, 2007 09:04 AM

Fun dinner tonight

Interested in a fun spot, downtown, for dinner tonight for 4 friends. Not so much a quiet, dignified place, but one where some late-30, early-40 somethings can laugh out loud at funny shared stories and still have great food. My mind has gone blank and can't think of a good suggestion. Should probably avoid Summerlicious just to skip the reservation hassle.....

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  1. even though it's been getting trashed here lately, i really, really enjoy trevor bar & grill....seems to fit your requirements

    1. my new favourite is foxley at queen and ossington...not sure if that's downtown enough for you.....

      1. I meet with a group of old friends regularly at the Duke of York at Bedford and Prince Arthur to catch up and share stories. It's definitely okay to be loud there. It may not fit your requirement of "great food" but it's decent pub fare and its comfortable, clean and offers a great selection of beers (and scotches).

        We also like that it's around the corner from both a subway station and Green P parking.

        1. Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar is lots of fun.

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            Yes, but how does one get a table in that place? The last few times we've gone, the waiter has glanced around the half-empty room (with several available tables), and then snootily informed me that the kitchen bar is available if we'd like. I'm not averse to sitting at the bar, but when I want to have a chat with my SO, I find the bustle of the kitchen to be distracting (as would also be the case if I had a group of girlfriends with me and wanted to gab).

            Perhaps they're more likely to seat a party of four vs. a party of two? I've long ago given up on JKWB. Any place that acts like I'm not deserving of a table is not deserving of my money.

          2. i second jkwb....loud, delicious, downtown...not involved in summerlicious....foxley has similarly delish food but is a smidge more westerly