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Jul 17, 2007 08:19 AM

wine tasting at home for 4

wine tasting at home for 4

My two daughters are in town and we were going to take a two-day wine tasting trip. But it had to get canceled...cause there is no way we can get anyone to properly care for our 3-legged, aging, 14-year-old dog.
But we want to host a wine-tasting this weekend, regardless.
How about a recommendation for a case of wine--6 white, 6 red? $30-$50 range?
3 of each, would be fine, too.
Not to sound too boorish, but it is easiest if I can get them at Traders or Vons. I could also try a local wine shop.

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  1. You need to indicate which part of the country you are in - Traders and Vons all over the country get different shipments from different distributors and I could heartily recommend wines that are at my local Traders (San Francisco) which may very not be available in SoCal.

    Also, many (most?) TJs have very limited wines in the $30-$50 range -- I would recommend looking for a local wine store that will be better supplied for your needs.

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      It is also going to be quite a tasting if you open 12 or even 6 bottles of wine for four people.

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        southern california.
        yes, I think we really only want to do six bottles. we can open and taste--then share all day.

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          Wow, trying to pick six bottles out of the thousands, that might be avaiable in So. Cal, is a task.

          Are you planning on doing a dinner? What food?

          As an afterthought, what winery, or wineries, were they planning on touring. Maybe do a sampling of that winery's portfolio. A bit of Google, should tell you what wines they were likely to encounter on the canceled trip.


      2. Actually, re-reading your post I'm thinking you could do a two- or three-day tasting.

        First night, whites: Pick a varietal you like (Chardonnay, Riesling, Roussanne...) I would recommend mixing that up - you learn more and enjoy a tasting more if you stick with one and taste and compare the differences.

        Then, the next morning, you could do a Champagne tasting over brunch. Even then, just two or three different bottles would suffice but it could make for a fun wake-up. Even at Vons you should be able to get the California bottles; Mumm, Gloria Ferrer, Carneros Taittinger, Schramsburg, etc.

        Then leave your last evening for reds, again, stick with one grape (Cab, Merlot, Zinfandel). You wouldn't even need to go into the $30 to $50 range across the board for a fun and interesting tasting weekend. I've actually been able to get reasonably decent wines at local grocery stores -- if you stick with Zin, for example, look for Ravenswood, Renwood, ZD, etc.

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          so far the famille, likes the champagne for brunch idea. frankly, I would rather get in a run about when they plan to pop the cork.
          It seems impossible to do a tasting with the bubbly--cant reseal--as with some of the other reds/whites.
          Prolly go with the schramsberg.
          other labels for the rest?