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Jul 17, 2007 08:09 AM

Where are the Fruit Stands?

After too many disappointing experiences with grocery store fruit I am thinking
that I'd like to try to find a somewhat local fruit stand that offers a good selection.
I'm looking for the regular summer fruits - peaches, nectarines, etc - along with
good oranges.
Are there any fruit stands within 50 miles of Los Angeles that are worth the drive?

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  1. I find the best fruit at Farmers' Markets. If you tell us which area you live in, I am sure you will get several responses for good ones.

    1. While there are definitely fruit stands, most of the blindingly-fresh produce goes to farmers' markets. In OC there's Manassero Farms on Orangethorpe near Lakeview and a place on Euclid near Cerritos Ave, and one that's actually on Harbor near Katella across from Disneyland, all in Anaheim -- there are many more but those are the three I know off offhand.

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        Check out the certified farmers markets site.
        Most are very good with seasonaI items offered. Some have more than fruit to sell such as baked goods, soaps, kettle corn, fried twinkies, tamales etc.

      2. Definitely hit up your local farmers' market. Wednesday in Santa Monica is the be-all, end-all of FMs, with Hollywood (Sunday) coming in 2nd. Pasadena (Saturday) is very worthwhile. There are even two options in downtown L.A., on Wednesdays and Fridays. There are many others, but I can personally vouch only for the aforementioned.

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          I can vouch for Irvine Saturday AM, Studio City Sunday AM, SM Wed, Sat and Sun, and Hollywood Sun. Fullerton Thurs has only a few fruit stands; ditto Glendale Thurs.

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            There is one Fridays in Hermosa Beach-it's just okay-good lettuce but have been disappointed in the fruit but there is an awesome baked goods vendor there. Lots of prepared foods from catering trucks.
            Grow is a produce store on PCH in Manhattan Beach-the best cherries I have had all season.
            There is a nice farm stand in the Valley on Victory (?) right by the Sepulveda Dam-called Tapia Bros.-not sure of the name either but it's very well known and someone will chime in with the correct information...

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              Tapia Bros. is on Hayvenhurst right at Burbank Blvd. in Encino, very convenient to a freeway off-ramp. Their fruit ranges from ok to less so, but they have great corn on the cob in season (i.e., now). I did get some decent strawberries from there earlier this year, and recently I got a basket of plums which was like $2 for 9 plums and they were pretty good. The downside is you have to buy in somewhat greater volume, like by the basket, for fruit and I don't always like to get that much since it's just me and my husband. I also got two huge cantaloupes for $5 a few weeks ago and they were delicious.

        2. There is a good one on the Palos Verdes peninsula at Peninsula Center...on Sundays..the fresh fruit has been very good this summer... lots of corn, fresh greens, lots of stuff that a highly Oriental population would use(and others too...specialty greens, etc)

          1. There is a fruit stand in Fountain Valley on Ellis ave, and if your in the mood for a drive Littlerock always has interesting fruit and veggies. Thats Littlerock CA not Ark. If you go take HWY 2 to Los Angeles forest RD to Pearl blossom HWY its a great weekend drive.

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              Thank you...that's more along the lines of what I was looking for.
              We go to Big Bear the back way and pass through Littlerock. Maybe we'll
              crank the a/c and take a drive up this weekend.