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Jul 17, 2007 08:09 AM

Cold Italian Hero on the UES?

This city is too big to have to travel all the way to Sullivan or Bleeker to get a quality cold Italian hero. There's got to be some good options in my 'hood I'm yet to discover.

Looking for a good, thick, Italian cold-cut hero on the UES (preferably above 79th).

Got any recommendations?


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  1. Well, it's below 79th, but there's Dominick's on First and 61st.
    Also, maybe Agata and Valentina on First and 79th?

    1. For Italian, Agata & Valentina is a good choice. If you feel like exploring some German deli meats, then try Schaller & Weber ...
      1654 Second Avenue @ 86th Street

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        Shaller and Weber is right across the street from my apt. I shop there frequently but I'm looking for a good Italian hero.,

        Ironically, I shop at Agata frequently too, but never thought of getting a sandwich there. Will give it a try.


        1. re: TipsyMcStagger

          Stop by their deli counter first and ask if you can have a choice of bread or try their focaccia. They *might* ask you to go select the bread you want your hero on first (all the breads are on the right as you enter the store). I usually buy their premade sandwiches and I'm wondering if I've ever seen anyone order and *get* a freshly-made hero at the deli counter. HHHmmm.

          Here's their number ... (212) 988-0481. I'd hate to mislead you.

          1. re: Cheese Boy

   worries. I'll be there in the next day or two.

            I'll just ask while I'm there :)


      2. I'll second the rec for Dominick's on 1st and 61st. Great hero.

        1. Milano Market on 89th and 3rd

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          1. re: jbnyc

            I think Butterfield's Market on Lexington between 77th and 78th has good sandwiches. Not sure if I would say that they are Italian.

          2. Ottomanelli Bros. on York at 82nd.