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Vietnamese take out in Sacto

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I'm having some plumbing work done over here (read no water) so it was take out for me last night. I like 'Pho Sai Gon' at 5304 Stockton Blvd so I gave them a call. I ordered # 29, BBQ Prawn w/Rice Vermicelli. Calling the 35-40 count shrimp "prawns" is a bit of a stretch but it sure was good. What I got was one of those foam plastic boxs with room temp rice noodles, a baggie with lettuce and sliced carrots, ~10 BBQ shrimp, a small container of the sauce (rice vinegar, hot pepper flakes, ??? I don't know what's in it but it's good) and some chopped peanuts for garnish. It was all disassembled so nothing got soggy in transport. Get a bowl and add the various ingredients in proportions that makes you happy, add a little hosin sacue, soy sauce and some hot chilli oil (I have them in my pantry) and you have a nice warm summer evening repast. Oh, did I mention a glass of chilled white wine? I'll just have to wait for the water to get turned back on to wash that bowl.

I like this place, I eat lunch there often 'cuz it's close and good. Happy hounding.


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  1. I'll try that Robert. I hear Vientiane is opening back up this month on Jefferson in W. Sac!