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Jul 17, 2007 07:50 AM

Music Center Lunch Rec.

We are going to Jersey Boys this Saturday. What great place can we eat and park at the music center?

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  1. if you want to park at the ahmanson
    kendall's brasserie
    patina grill

    1. You may want to consider parking at a restaurant location rather than at the Music Center. There are many restaurants in Downtown that have free shuttle service to the Music Center. Also, the restaurants on Bunker Hill are within walking distance.

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        1. I'll put in a second vote for Kendall's Brasserie.

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            I'll dissent on Kendall's, though I've only had lunch on weekdays there, when their crowd is mostly lawyers, not audience. I've generally thought that they were among the weekest spots in the Splichal empire, and getting by, as their predecessors, on location...

            Depending on how your feet feel, whether you'll ride the weekend DASH shuttle (check the schedule, which is different from the weekdays), and your show-time, there's a lot of options, from J-Town and Chinatown down to the area around Staples.