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Jul 17, 2007 07:35 AM

Outdoor romantic dining/ near Copley Sqaure?

My boyfriend wants to spend his bday this weekend Boston so we're driving up from NYC...I'm seeking suggestions for an outdoor romantic restaurant near Copley Square...We're seeing Martin Sexton play in the square on Thursday evening, so we want something close by...


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  1. What type of food? Price-range? Honestly, it's not exactly a great area for restaurants (or, at least, good ones). I've heard good things about CODA over on Columbus at Dartmouth, about a 2 minute walk, but they don't have outdoor seating.

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      1. re: Kbee

        It's not exactly a great area for restaurants? Copley Square has some fine places (Sorellina being a great example, although they do not have outdoor space) and is directly adjacent to the South End, which is awash in good places.

        If you can get a reservation at Sorellina, I'd sacrifice the desire to be outdoors and take the reservations. (It's going to rain all weekend anyhow, isn't it?)

        1. re: Blumie

          I agree that Sorellina is great. For some reason I assumed (quite possibly incorrectly) that they weren't looking to spend a ton. And of course the South End has great places, but OP was asking about Copley.

      2. There are no "romantic" outdoor spots. Agree on the Sorellina rec... great chow, a nice atmosphere, and perfectly located... just a stones throw to the concert. Good point re: the weather... supposed to be rainy on and off for a while starting tomorrow. Check for Sorellina on Open Table and snag a table if you can.

        1. Casa Romero's Mexican restaurant is very romantic and has small terrace in the back..(Gloucester St.)