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Jul 17, 2007 07:30 AM

Taking 12 year old girls to lunch

As a birthday 'party' I am considering taking my boyfriend's soon to be 12 year old daughter out with some of her friends - maybe 3 friends? - for lunch and manicures. Trying to think of places they will find interesting as well as a place that can handle the occasionally high pitched chatter of girls at that age. It will be a weekend visit. In the last year, the birthday girl has realized there is a world beyond chain restaurants and has been good at trying new things (the Indian buffet experience was a hit). All the girls are pretty suburban, so the whole 'downtown-taking-the-subway' experience will also be part of the fun.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Recently did something similiar -- my ears hurt a bit afterwards. However, tea at the King Eddy was a hit. Windsor Arms would have been good as well - and you could do nails at HR. On the complete other end of the spectrum . . . a place like Sushi Train on Yonge, with nails at one of those nearby nailbars.

    1. Il Fornello? They have some interesting items on their new "local-source" menu.

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        What about Terroni on Queen W? There are 2 nail spots not too far (on the other side of the street) and you could try to get a table on the back patio.

      2. take the subway to university and queen and just walk along until you get to civello, get your nails done here! it's expensive but the setting is wonderful and i think they're really like the whole experience. then i'd stroll down queen west and check out all the boutiques and indie shops the girls might've never experienced before (the whole chaos and business of the downtown life is dense here until you hit spadina) and perhaps have lunch at terroni. southern italian and not particularly adventurous but you'll have to keep in mind her friends who might not have gone beyond chains. they will definitely be able to deal with high pitched girls and have lovely food. their patio is one of the most beautiful in the midrange entree cost scale.

        if civello is a bit much, there's a spa/manicure place along queen west pretty much just across from terroni. it's called ten something? i'm sure their pricing would be a bit more prudent.

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          Terroni does come up a lot on this board, so perhaps I should give it a go....I went to the one on Victoria many years back and wasn't floored by it, but as I say it was many years ago. Was thinking Queen West might be the way to go, and you are right - no guarantees the other girls have moved past East Side Mario's!

        2. How about lunch at the Red Tea Box (in beautiful bento boxes), then a stroll along Queen West for the funky shops and the manicure to top it all off.

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            I haven't been to Red Tea Box, but have heard great things... They'll be okay with giggly girls?

            1. re: Julie McCoy

              I think so -- but why don't you just give them a call and ask? I'm also guessing that the lovely environment and "pretty" food may very well evoke some more "proper/adult" behaviour from the girls.

              1. re: Julie McCoy

                Yes! They do a lot of wedding shower kind of things - they're very used to giggly girls.

                I very much second this suggestion. The bento boxes will be new and different for the girls, and the pastries are so pretty, they won't be able to decide what to have.

                In recent months, a whole bunch of spa-type places have opened in the immediate area as well, so you could make it pretty much a one-stop destination. There are some great clothing shops on the same block that would very much appeal to young girls (Fresh Collective springs to mind).

            2. Queen West is a great idea... I'd do Polish Beauty Bar for nails (the best!) and perhaps the Queen Mother for lunch... thai influence for the more adventurous girls, but some more mainstream options for the others. Plus, the pretty environment feels kind of "adult" - although I don't think giggling would faze anyone. It's also close to transit.