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Jul 17, 2007 07:28 AM

Need recs for fun, good atmosphere with kids near Village

For some reason I'm drawing a blank. This will be for out of towners who are staying in Greenwich Village. A place for dinner in the Village/SoHo/NoHo that has a fun atmosphere and where it would be ok to bring kids. Cuisine could be American/French/Italian/maybe Latin. Not Baltahzar, because we already took them there.

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  1. Have you tried Otto? Kid friendly with plenty for the adults too (esp. that wine list). Cheese plate with accompanimenti is awesome.

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    1. re: LNG212

      There's an idea. Never been. What's the situation with reservations/wait times? I can't wait in line too long with kids.

      1. re: lucybobo

        I do believe they take reservations. Here's a link to their website: (The site also includes the menu, if you haven't been.) The wait time otherwise depends on the time of day you are going. If you are going with kids and tend to do dinner on the early side (before 7?), you would probably get lucky and not have to wait long (if at all). But the place gets very busy during prime dinner hours. Good luck.

        1. re: lucybobo

          Otto takes reservations, and I've never had to wait more than 5, maybe 10 minutes past my reservation time even on Sat night.