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Jul 17, 2007 07:14 AM

wine tasting at home for 4

My two daughters are in town and we were going to take a two-day wine tasting trip. But it had to get canceled...cause there is no way we can get anyone to properly care for our 3-legged, aging, 14-year-old dog.
But we want to host a wine-tasting this weekend, regardless.
How about a recommendation for a case of wine--6 white, 6 red? $30-$50 range?
3 of each, would be fine, too.
Not to sound too boorish, but it is easiest if I can get them at Traders or Vons. I could also try a local wine shop.

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  1. Try Daume wines, or the wines from the camarillo custom crush. Great local, hard to find boutique wines at an amazing price:

    Also, you can go to Beverages and more, Wally's, Vendome, Red Carpet, or any reputabe local wine store and have one of the knowledgeable staff pick you out a flight for a tour of local wines. They'll all have bottles in your price range.

    For info on other wineries, re post this on the Wine board.

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      1. If your going to get wine at Traders, here are my favs:

        Mission Point Pinot - I believe its under 10
        Conn Creek Cab - around 20

        Connundrum - Half Bottle only (sorry)
        Novella - around 6 or 7
        Ruston Semillon - forgot the price on this one but it can't be more than 15

        Sorry I can't be more specific about prices, but I do know that Trader Joe's prices are competitive. I would recommend a local wine shop but you did not specify what part of L.A. Good luck with your choices and I hope your tasting goes swell.

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          pv peninsula...and thanks for the suggestions.

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            i think the guys at BRISTOL FARMS on PCH are really terrific. it's the one next to CHEZ MELANGE. one of the fellows used to be at WALLY'S.

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              Don't forget to let us know what you tasted and what you thought about. =D

          2. there are so many local good wine tastings:
            colorado wine company -
            silver lake wine
            red carpet wine
            heritage wine
            wine house l.a.
            k&l click on hollywood
            wine expo on santa monica bl in WLA
            larchmont village wine & cheese

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              You missed a few other great shops:
              mission wines
              rosso wine shop
              topline wine glendale

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                i was purposeful in my omission of MISSION WINES as it does not comfortably accomodate a group for tastings. it's crowded as it is. i am a chris meeske fan, though.

                topline's website wouldn't come up so i'm not sure what's going on over there.

                rosso is a new name for me. thanks! we'll give it a spin!

            2. Oooh wine tasting party! yeah! I do this a lot with my co-workers; we work at a winery/tasting room. I'd like to make some recommendations for the party, but I do not want to be presumptuous and assume you know nothing about having a wine tasting. BUT I think I will anyways. Hee hee

              So first of all, 12 wines for 4 people is a lot. Obviously you are not going to drink them all, but even still your palate is going to be pretty saturated by about the 6th taste. I would suggest 3 whites then 3 reds; approximately 1 oz. pours with a dump bucket to pour out what you don’t want to finish. Possibly a Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay; then a Pinot Noir, Merlot and Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon (most likely in that order). Definitely some plain crackers in between, if you feel the need. In between wines try not to rinse your glass with water unless you intend to wipe it dry with a clean paper towel (not dish towel, it could leave “flavors” in your glass from the cleaner you use, etc.) Or just try to drink/pour out every last drop. “They” say that the PH in water will affect the next wine you drink more than if you left some residue of the last wine you drank in the glass.

              That’s about it really. There are so many twists you can do with your party. You can wrap the bottles in newspaper and do a blind tasting. Try to get your guests to guess the variety they are drinking. You can try to pair the wines with cheese, see what works and what doesn’t.

              As for the recommendations of which wines to get; doesn’t Trader Joes have little cards with recommendations in front? Go with your gut. It’s all for fun anyways, surely you’ll end up with a few good ones, a few great ones, and some that are garbage. Have fun!