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Where to buy habanero peppers?

I've recently got into making my own hot sauce and I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that sells habanero peppers in Toronto? I think they would have to be fresh, not dried or tinned to be good in a blended hotsauce.

I live off the Danforth so an east side location would be nice but I suspect my best bet will be the latin grocery stores in Kensington market. I have a car and can travel.

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  1. hi there alsiem,
    strangely enough, i've seen them all over - at loblaws, dominion, A&P even!
    kensington market (oxford fruit, and the other one at baldwin and kensington) both carry them, i believe. i'm sure st. lawrence market would also have them, downstairs behind the truffle/caviar vendor is a good place to look.

    1. If you can't locate Habaneros then Scotch Bonnets make a perfectly good substitute. This site is an excellent source of info on hot peppers: http://www.thescarms.com/hotstuff/pep...

      1. Latin stores in Kensington, asked and answered. Perola has a massive selection of peppers.

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          Love Perola's dried pepper selection. Was down there this weekend and they have the best poblanos as well as fresh tomatillos, cactus and now huge aloe leaves.

        2. Highland Foods at Dufferin and Steeles has habaneros

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            Thanks for the replys. It seems I have a few places to look.

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              Yes, Perola's had fresh habaneros. It was around $3 for 18 peppers.

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                Several ethnic grocers along Eglinton between the Allen and Dufferin - this area has a large proportion of people from the Caribbean.

                My wife went into one to buy some Scotch Bonnet peppers. The owner put them on the scale, trying to figure out how much to charge, saw that they hardly registered, and finally gave them to her for nothing.

          2. It's probably worth doing some research on whose are hotter. Some of the varieties that are out there have been diluted. Similar to what has happened with jalapenos. The ones you get in the supermarkets aren't particularly warm.

            Perola's is generally the most reliable.

            1. Yes? Hi! The real habaneros in the city dont happen too much. Many grocers make the stupid and call the scotch bonnet the habanero but it is not. Even the ones in the kensington are not the real habaneros (there is the one place that does sell them in the kensington). There is also the one in the North Market St. Lawrence that sometimes has the real ones.
              Vashi needs the real ones (and Jolokia Peppers) for his Parmageddon Wings but he wont tell anyone where he gets them. They are the pure seed with the real heat. Not like the dumb ones you can sometimes find.

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                Jolokia !!! - who sells those in Toronto? They are about 4 to 8 times hotter than habaƱera peppers! So what is the name of the retailer who sells real fresh (not rotting) habaƱera peppers ?

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                  I bought a tray (maybe a dozen) of Scotch Bonnets at T & T and they're pretty damned hot. They're not habaneros, but the heat level is pretty much on par. All Caribbean and Asian stores that cater to a Caribbean population generally carry them. I've even seen them in the Galleria Korean mega store at Yonge and Steeles. I've seen habaneros regularly available at Loblaws. I've bought bought them a few times and they're plenty hot. They may not be quite as hot as those grown in the Yucatan sunshine, but I challenge you to tell me they're not even warm.

              2. Fiesta Farms usually carries Scotch Bonnets.

                Fiesta Farms
                200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA