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Salt bagel in NYC

We have just a couple days in New York - staying on the UWS but willing to travel. Where's the best salt bagel in the city? I'm astonished that I've been to a couple bagel places in the city that look at me quizzically when I ask if they have any salt bagels. Thanks!

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  1. There is only one superb bagel place on UWS and that is H & H Bagels at 80th & Broadway.

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      Absolutely. And they do have salt bagels; you just have to ask.

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        Thanks for the quick replies. Went to H&H yesterday, and they were one of the places that gave me a quizzical look. Do we need to know the secret handshake? Also, not limited to the UWS. We'll be in the Bronx and Queens today, and have all day tomorrow to find the elusive salt bagel.

        Need. Salt. Bagel. Help!

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        H & H has the most atrocious bagels in town.
        They are gummy and sweet, that is not considered a good NY bagel. They need to have a crisp bite with a light inside to be a good bagel.

        I hate to reveal to the public my favorite bagel store since it is already too crowded whenever I visit. The inept staff does not know how to work a busy store with a long line.

        The Bagel Store on the corner of 90th Street and Amsterdam Street.
        They carry salt bagels all the time.
        If you like really crispy bagels order the flat "flagel" bagel

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          Yes, I've definitely seen them at both those places.

        2. Or perhaps Absolute Bagels, at 110th and Broadway.

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            YES YES YES
            I have no clue if they have salt bagels. but absolutely bagels are the best i've ever tasted

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              don't think they have salt bagels though. but the pumpernickel-raisin ones are magic.

          2. A fellow salt-head. Was in NYC two weeks ago and had a great salt bagel at a place inside the Chelsea Market. Don't recall the name of the place, but was the only one that offered the typical bagel shmears, etc. Actually, I had to go for two - one with whitefish salad and the other with the lox spread. My blood pressure is just recovering, but well worth the risk. Actually, the Chelsea Market is a very cool place and guess could be considered the epicenter of the food world (since it houses the headquarters of the Food Network). Additionally, you might want to check out menupages.com. They menu listings for something like 6200 NYC restaurants. You can do specific searchs for type of food by neighborhood or cross-street. I just did a quick search and they list 11 bagel places on the UWS - not including Dunkin Donuts (ugh!).

            1. I believe David Bagels on First Avenue btwn 13th & 14th street has salt bagels. That's my favorite bagel place.

              1. H&H gave you a funny look? Are you sure you were at the right place??!! Salt bagels are standard, and the best in NY forever. Ess-a-bagel's are ok.

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                  Okay. I think I can solve the problem.
                  The UWS 80th St. location runs out much faster than the 40th st, location.
                  Feast your eyes on this.
                  My mouth is already watering.
                  See the SALT????

                  (The irony is that I always get the sour dough, yet they don't even list it!!)


                2. I like Ess-a-bagel and Lenny's Bagel. (Lenny's mostly cause i live 2 blocks away) But they really do have good bagels!

                  1. Just had a great one from Tal. UWS location is B'way and 90th I believe.

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                      thats easy. Bagel Bobs. University and 9th.

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                        I second Tal's. It's been a while, but I fondly recall their salt bagels with vegetable cream cheese.

                      2. Yeah, you're right by H&H .... they make good ones.

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                            There is only one. Ess-A-Bagel.

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                              second that. I was initiated into the cult of Ess-a-Bagel when I moved to New York for my senior year of high school. My friends WORSHIPED that place, and it was right by school, big plus!

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                                I prefer Murray's to Ess-A-Bagel.

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                                  Ess-A-Bagel was on the same street as my junior high school. I think I probably ate breakfast and lunch there every school day! Murray's are pretty good, too.

                            2. don't know if you're still in the city or not but i've had H&H, David's and Bob's and Bob's definitely comes in first. But, if you're willing to travel for a hot & yeasty NY bread experience why dont you visit Kossar's Bialy's on LES? http://www.kossarsbialys.com/
                              not for the bagel of course, though they have those too -- even with salt

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                                Agreed on Kossar's for bulkas, onion discs and bialys. However, I don't believe that they make their bagels.

                              2. Salt bagels are by far my favorite and Bagel Bob's on University Place between 9th and 10th street in Greenwich Village is the place to get them. It's a tiny hole in the wall place with a line down the block during "peak bagel times" (like sunday morning or lunch time) although they're constantly putting out new fresh ones.

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                                  I heartily endorse bagel bob's as well. i compare them to murray's all the time, as i live in between, and bob's tops murray's every time.

                                2. BagelWorks on 1st Ave between 66th and 67th if you are on the UES at all. I almost exclusively eat salt bagels so if you are over in this neighborhood, do make sure to get one. Their cream cheese selection/variety/quality is also very good.

                                  1. Bagels and Co. btwn. 75th and 76th on York makes FANTASTIC bagels, and are one of the few kosher bagel places left in Manhattan. I don't know if they have salt bagels, I actually don't think salt bagels are all that popular in Manhattan, which may explain the quizzical looks. I also think bagels and co. has a shop on the west side at 79th and Amsterdam. a word of caution: they're not open on Saturdays, much to the dismay of my saturday morning bagel cravings, which are fierce!