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Jul 17, 2007 06:46 AM

Grocery or Saul?

Going out in Brooklyn on Saturday and have booked both Grocery and Saul. Have not been to either and need help deciding which reservation to keep. What matters to me most (besides the food!) is service and noise level. When I'm splurging I want impeccable service and a quiet spot. Thanks!!

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    1. I agree -- Saul. The food is inventive, and I find the atmosphere much more comfortable. Grocery always seems a little cramped.

      1. went to Grocery a few weeks ago. was unimpressed.

        1. We made what was probably our 20th or so visit to Saul last weekend and everything was perfect as usual, especially the meal. I had the special lamb tasting (used to be called lamb four ways) which was actually lamb five ways and included sausage, liver, shoulder, leg of lamb and loin. It was truly outstanding. They also had a pork tasting which I'd never seen there before - am really anxious to go back and try it. They also had a new dessert which was a layer of tapioca pudding over chocolate mousse. Amazing.
          I highly recommend Saul if you've never been before.

          1. Saul - without question - best on all scores - food, service and sound level

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              I went to Saul back in February and was rather disappointed after all the raves here. My meal at Grocery in April of last year was much more memorable.