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Jul 17, 2007 06:22 AM

Las Ranas in Puebla

How do I get to this restaurant? Address anyone? Directions from the zocolo or other landmark? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Someone on another forum gave me the location. If anyone is interested, post and I will put the directions here.

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      If this place is hard to find and you know the address, please post it.

      1. re: Helen F

        I had lunch there on Wednesday. It's on the south side of 2 Poniente, just east of 5 de mayo. Basically, just one block up from the Zocalo.

        Map location:

        As discussed elsewhere, the al pastor is great here. There are plenty of ways to get pastor served up, including in pan arabe (thin pita-like flatbread) for tacos arabes. It actually wasn't clear to me until I got to mexico that the tacos arabes discussed so much on this board are defined by the bread rather than a different kind of al pastor (given that so many places in DF have al pastor on a vertical spit). I did see lots of signs for tacos arabes around, some in DF and lots in Puebla.

        Las Ranas had the best-looking and tasting al pastor I saw during a week in Mexico. It's busy so the meat gets carved down quickly, so it's not overcooked. And there's a thick red spice rub on each layer on the spit, so the carved meat shows nice variation between the spice's red and the cooked pork's white. There are two great table sauces. The red was the more distinctive, with a thick chile base (I'd guess pasilla or guajillo).

        The space is a pretty decent interior courtyard, much nicer than it looks from the street. For a sit down taqueria right by the zocolo, the prices were cheap. 5 pesos for the tiny corn tortilla tacos (good for 3 bites or so) and 15 pesos for the tacos arabes (much bigger).

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          If you go to Las Ranas consider trying their frijoles charros. ummm....

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            I just have to chime in and second Las Ranas. We're in Puebla for only a few days and, despite feeling like we *should* eat at as many restaurants as possible, we've already found ourselves unable to resist Ranas' tacos arabes. We've been back twice. We lived in Mexico City for several months, and there's plenty of really good al pastor there, but the meat here is truly remarkable. We had an in depth conversation about what they do to keep it so moist and give it such flavor. The flat bread is also perfect, slightly (perfectly) charred and moist enough to sop up a bit of the meat juice.

            If in Puebla, you must go to Ranas.

            1. re: RenR

              We tried both the tacos árabes and the pastor at Las Ranas, and my impression was that the árabes did not have the red adobo. Still, delicious.
              Agreed about the frijoles charros.

              Tacos Árabes "gringa" style

              Tacos al Pastor at Las Ranas