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Moderately priced in Bethesda-Rockville

I live in suburban Philly but will be visiting my mother in the Bethesda-Rockville area this weekend and am looking for a good place for a moderately priced dinner. Ethnic (Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese or other) would be fine but not a requirement. I am looking for good value/good food, nothing fancy. Location (that is, doesn't require a lot of driving) is important.

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  1. anywhere in woodmont triangle in Bethesda would be good - outdoor seating, pretty good food, i don't think anything is too overpriced. I like Thyme Square because it's on the lighter side. The only place I would NOT go in that part of bethesda is the indian place on Woodmont...Delhi Daba or something. Not good.

    1. Bombay Bistro in Rockville. Definitely check it out.

      1. Some good Greek choices in south Rockville. Your best value is Original Ambrosia in the Montrose Crossing shopping center. Essentially a standard diner menu with a lot of Greek specialities added. Excellent avgolemono soup. Figure ~$13 pp with everything. Tables are fairly close to each other and it can get loud when it's busy.

        If you're looking for something fancier (i.e. with a tablecloth) but not formal, head for Mykonos Grill. ~$30 pp. http://www.mykonosgrill.com

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          there is a Jaleo in Bethesda, great tapas

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            I like it and always manage to get out of there under $20...and it's the best service of all the Jaleos.

            but, some people hate Andreas' places.

        2. I wholeheartedly second Bombay Bistro and Mykonos Grill. Both great choices.

          Another idea for Rockville area is Latin American food at El Mariachi at the Richie Center on Rockville Pike. Their excellent Camarones al Cancun (shrimp fajitas coated in butter) are unbelievably addictive. I grew up in Rockville and everytime my brother is home from Colorado, he insists we do family dinner there so he can get shrimp.

          1. Thanks for these suggestions.
            What about Ambrosia Grille vs.Original Ambrosia?
            Do you recommend Joe's Noodle House?

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              Joe's = "good value/good food, nothing fancy"

              Sichuan - very Sichuan - so read the menu before hand and search the board for the numerous postings of recommendations there before going.

              Depending on where you are exactly and what time of what day it is, the drive might be a bit frustrating, but outside of rush hour it's not too bad.

              I'd like to add Black's the list and second Jaleo as a strong option.

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                The Ambrosia debate was addressed here http://www.chowhound.com/topics/173285 I'd go with the Original, hands-down. The Grille is a few miles further up the road which may be a factor, especially in rush hour.

              2. I know it isn't South Philly but the goombas at Mama Lucia's in Bethesda serve up a mean Spaghetti a la Carbonerra and a Capelli Andriatico to die for. Something else that I found remarkable was their Vitello Chesapeake. Check out thier menu for some unique food.

                If you want/need cheap but good and filling, check out Cameron's Seafood next to the Apple Store.

                1. If you want actually cheap and good in Bethesda, go to Moby Dick.

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                    I confess that my own food experiences there have come from the whole 'triangle' area downtown because I can walk to there from lunch. Is Moby Dick a walkable distance from the area?

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                      From the southern tip of the triangle (Wisconsin & Old Georgetown), cross Wisconsin and walk 0.4 mile south. 7027 Wisconsin.

                  2. Another nice option which might be perfect is Azucar (it's technically in Silver Spring, but not far at all depending on where you actually are coming from ). As for Italian & Chinese, stick to Philly, no comparison!

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                      I agree with you on Italian, but I would put Rockville's collection of Chinese restaurants up against Philly's Chinatown any day of the week.
                      Joe's Noodle, Peking Cheers, and China Canteen for Sichuan.
                      Bob's Noodle and Bob's Shabu Shabu for Taiwanese.
                      New Fortune for Hong Kong Dim Sum
                      A&J for Taiwanese Dim Sum
                      China Bistro for dumplings

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                        The Washington Post published a "Road Trip" map of Rockville's Chinatown which might be helpful to someone visiting the area, but it misses some of the best places:

                        Joe's Noodle is great if you have more than three people because, like many authentic chinese restaurants, the food is served family style in large portions:

                        Joe's Noodle House
                        1488 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

                    2. Benjarong on Rockville Pike. Best Thai in area. Nice ambiance.

                      1. The Lemon Tree in Rockville. Nice Turkish specialties.