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Jul 17, 2007 06:00 AM

2 gals catching up in Seattle

Friend will be getting out of work on Boylston St. around 7 on a Thurs. Would like to catch up at a fun, funky but interesting food spot. Somewhat in the area, not too pricey ($15-22). She doesn't drink, I'll have one but a place with a fun bar is always good. Thoughts? Thanks.


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  1. Nobody? What do you think about Rosebud Restaurant? I seem to remember some fun looking places on East Pike, any serve our purpose?

    1. The Rosebud has a nice, long happy hour, so if drinking was the goal, I'd go there. But it doesn't sound like that's the case. The food is fine, but not particularly interesting.

      Via Tribunali is just up the street from the Rosebud, with great food, but it can get loud... perhaps not the best place to catch up.

      If you don't mind going a little farther up the hill, Crave on 12th just north of Pine might be a good choice. Really good food and a nice atmosphere. They don't have cocktails, but they have a great wine list.

      What else... the newly opened Smith on 15th Ave has both funky food, and a fun bar atmosphere. It might be too far to walk though.

      1. Haven't been there but isn't Dinette supposed to be good? And it's not cutting edge but I love 611 Supreme for crepes & cocktails. And I second via tribunali.