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Jul 17, 2007 05:44 AM

Need help with a most delicious salad

There used to be an Eastern European grocery store/deli on 108th street in Forest Hills that made a salad that they called vinaigrette. The salad consisted of cubed beets, cubed white potatoes, chopped pickles and sauerkraut. I think that's all that was in there. It was one of the best cold salads I've had, but they closed up shop about 5 years ago, and we've been without the salad ever since. I've tried to make it myself but haven't been succesful. Anyone know of a recipe or of a real name for this ssalad that I can use to look up a recipe? Thanks in advance for your help. By the way, all of the cubed elements were very small so I'm guessing they were commercial ingredients.

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    1. re: bakergal

      Thanks, you're right, that looks like the recipe. I'll try it tomorrow!

    2. Just a FYI, there's a European grocery store on Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village that carries a lot of Polish goods. It sounds like you might be more interested in Russian foods though -- then it's off to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

      European Delicatessen
      7526 Metropolitan Ave
      Middle Village, NY 11379

      (718) 894-3557 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... The recipe from looks to be what you want.