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Ollie's Trolley

what do you guys think? ever been? whats good? just wondering, havn't been in a while.

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  1. You're talking about the one downtown? The Ollieburger is still good and greasy. So are the fries. Can't vouch for anything else though, and the interior seems to scare people.

    1. Fries are pretty terrific. And I have been known to enjoy their shakes.

      1. I have always been intrigued by this place and when driving by the other day remarked to the bf that it had been around forever... so it's a greasy spoon burger and fries kind of place... hmm may have to go just because it is what it is.

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          Ollie's Trolley is an old, old chain.


          The only other place to get an Ollieburger is at Lums, yet another defunct chain. Although, there are a few independent Lums still around.


          1. re: monkeyrotica

            thanks for the link, i'll definitely be stopping by for lunch today...i have a weird craving for a good greasy burger.

        2. One of the keys to enjoying Ollie's Trolley is to order it to your liking, preferably medium rare or rare. If you are looking for fast food, they will give it to you well done. Medium Rare, there is nothing especially greasy about the Ollieburger. It is juicy, and while maybe not as tasty as that of old, is still a very good burger.

          1. I just found a website of an ex-employee of Ollies Trolleys ... He has posted recipes.......


            1. Just went. They won't be putting 5 Guys out of business anytime soon.

              But the fries are 1) thinner, 2) differently seasoned - which makes me want to return sometime soon.

              And the chocolate shake was pretty good.

              The interior could use a retro-update. Otherwise, it reminds me of a Clown from a Stephen King movie.

              1. I'm a fan when I want greasy near my office. The fries are really yummy - thin and crisp

                1. Randomly dropped in here when my family was visiting during the hottest weekend *ever* and we needed a break from the weather. They seemed to enjoy their ice cream (shakes and softserve yogurt?) but I was pretty grossed out by the interior. I thought it smelled really gross, and I'm not easily scared off by such things. I would choose Five Guys any day over this place.

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                  1. re: hamster

                    but part of the fun is the dumpiness and the sprung upholstery.

                    if you want to slide your feet on discarded peanut shells, sit on hard seats AND without the random psychotic wandering through, well, that's your business.

                    all worth the bacon cheese burger in my book.

                    1. re: hill food

                      Same here. I'll take an Ollieburger in a dumpy trolly over 5G's. At least I know what I'm getting at Ollies. Five Guys is really starting to be hit or miss.

                      And to be fair, Ollies does have its fair share of psychotics wandering in.

                      1. re: hill food

                        I think I was vague;

                        peanut shells, hard seats, no weirdos and a burger that intimidates by sheer size - 5G

                        great burgers, dumpy atmosphere - Ollie's

                    2. I ate there once a few years back. The burger was unremarkable...not great or bad, just not memorable. What was memorable was the beyond terrible service. We sat outside, waited around for ages for a menu. Then, when we flagged down a server to ask if someone could take our order, he said our server would be with us shortly. Turns out she had left after giving us our menus to go to Starbucks. She actually took our order while holding her coffee. After dinner, she brought us the wrong bill...it had about $50-100 worth of drinks on it. When we politely pointed out that the drinks were not ours, her response was, "well, someone has to pay for it." Ugh! We were so annoyed that when we finally resolved the issue and paid, we bolted. But to this day I still wonder why we didn't talk to a manager. I think we just were desperate to get out of there!

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                        I don't think this is the same place. Ollie's Trolley doesn't have table service or drinks to my knowledge. Harry's is right next door and has burgers and drinks - was it that?

                        1. re: lmnopeas

                          lmnop: that was my reaction - re: table service at Ollie's, it's just not that sort of place. they'd prob. get a lot of dine 'n' dash if they did,

                          wherever Julia was, that is indeed very annoying and I'm curious where it was.

                          "well, someone has to pay for it." gee, maybe the people who drank them?

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                            Sounds like Harry's alright. I'd recognize that lousy burger anywhere.

                            And the gimmick of having the server put his/her friends' drinks on YOUR tab has happened to me twice in DC, last time at a certain unnamed Irish place near Union Station.

                            Although, the usual response from the manager is, "Well, the cash register doesn't make mistakes."

                            1. re: monkeyrotica

                              You guys might be right...I had thought it was Ollie's, but it could have been Harry's right next door (it was a few years back, so my memory could certainly have failed me here). We were sitting outside, where they had a few tables, if that helps to place it better.

                              In any case, apologies for my confusion.

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                                Harry's is awful! The service is terrible, the bartenders think that the are god's gift to women and the burgers are terrible. Stay away from this place!

                                1. re: sarahkt99

                                  Trust me, I have not been back, and would NEVER dream of going back after my last experience. Although perhaps I should give Ollie's a try now that I'm un-confused :-)

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                                    One never eats at Harry's. It exists for the sole purpose of drinking yourself blind off pitchers of beer and eating peanuts because you can't afford decent booze.

                                    Sometimes, you want a tasty Belgian ale. Sometimes you want to drown your sorrows on the cheap. Harry's is there for the latter.

                          2. I am in from out of town (Boston) and was intrigued by the cheesy exterior. Last night, I went in with my son for a burger. The smell nearly bowled us over... moldy locker room? But we ventured forth due to starvation. Counter help was surly, but efficient... But, HELLO!! The burgers and fries rocked my world!! Burgers are cooked to order (rare even) and juicy goodness. Fries have a unique blend of spices that works. The meal was well worth the odor, which you get used to after a few minutes. I saw no psycho's, although they would have matched the decor. I would visit again if I was in the area and hungry for a burger.

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                            1. re: VvrroomVroom

                              You got it right; the key is to get an Ollieburger cooked to order, preferably medium rare.

                            2. Some of the confusion is because there are two Ollie's. The larger and more noticable one is around E St. and 11th. The smaller of the two which used to be connected a long long time ago but not anymore is on L St. around 15th.

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                                the E + 11 version is better IMHO. not hugely but enough.

                                glad to hear you were bold VV and forged ahead through the curb (lack of) appeal.