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Jul 17, 2007 05:39 AM

Dining near Sheraton Centro Historico

Will be staying at this hotel. Already planning on dinner at El Cardinal, located in the hotel, based on recommendations here and other places. I would appreciate other recommendations for breakfast and dinner in close walking distance to the hotel.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. I know there are other threads on dining in the centro historico but this is a big area. Can't anyone help with what is in short walking distance from the hotel?

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    1. re: eileend

      There are not many options in the evening in that area, as most centro restaurants are only open for comida - in fact I don't think El Cardinal is open for dinner. For during the day, I can recommend:

      Cafe Tacuba
      Tacuba 28, a couple of blocks from Bellas Artes
      This classic IS open late, until around 11.

      Restaurante El Mesón Andaluz
      Marconi no. 3, corner of Donceles, next to the Museo Nacional
      tel. 5510 0787
      interesting Spanish/Arabic fusion

      Restaurante Lincoln (1935)
      Revillagigedo No. 24, near Juarez, Centro
      an old classic, good seafood

      Coox Hanal (1955)
      Isabel la Católica 83 near Mesones, upstairs, Centro
      This is the best Yucatecan food and is inexpensive

      La Terraza del Zócalo
      Plaza de la Constitución 13, 6th floor (walk in, take elevator
      This has amazing views and is open late on Friday and Saturday.

      1. re: Elchilango

        Thanks for the post. I tried Cafe Tacuba, as the friend I was traveling with wanted to go. Nice atmosphere w/mariachis on a Fri. night, but the service was really awful and the food ranged from ok (posole) to not good (their "dish w/4 little things"). Service was so disjointed that it was hard to enjoy anything. We had to ask 4 times to get menus after being seated and it just went downhill from there.

        I really liked Cafe Popular (on 5 de Mayo) for dinner. It used to be a small diner kind of place (inexpensive good food though) and that old part is still there, but they have bought or rented the space next door and trned that into a more upscale addition. Had wonderful chiles en nogada there, even better than that dish in Puebla.

        I'll try your last two recommendations on my next trip.