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Jul 17, 2007 05:26 AM

Dinner stop on I-90 between Albany & Syracuse

Doing a couple of roadtrips over the next few weekends & am looking for suggestions for places to stop off on the way on a Friday night between Albany & Syracuse.

Any cuisine is fine, looking for something reasonably quick & easy, close to the highway as we're driving up from CT & it'll be a fairly long drive after work.

Are there any hidden gems out there or should we do what we usually do & eat packed sandwiches at one of the rest stops?

Thanks in advance for your help

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  1. There are some pretty good Italian restaurants in Utica. Grimaldi's is on Bleeker Street, not more than 10 minutes from the Thruway exit. You can probably find some other recs for Utica if you search this board. Enjoy.

    1. Try Pepper Jacks in Albany. Great wraps, soups and their cheese stake is fantastic.

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        Thanks to both of you for recommendations.

        We ended up stopping on the way out at Church & Main in Canajoharie on the way out - it was a good time to stop on our journey (Utica was a little too far, Albany a little to close). This is more fine dining than a quick travel meal - they emphasize local ingredients & it was really good (not cheap, but probably appropriately priced for the quality - $26 for an entree - if not for the area...)

        On our way back we stopped at Orchard Tavern in Albany - v. easy from the highway and good, relaxed Italian american fare - great wings/beer selection was good/cheesecake homemade & a personal white pizza that was tasty!

        I'll post a more detailed trip report soon