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Jul 17, 2007 05:05 AM

Good lunch around University Ave, Queen?


Any suggestion for good spot for lunch? I have couple hours to kill during lunch time, between meetings. New in Toronto, especially around this particular area. Few blocks walking distance will be great.

Thank you!

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  1. What kind of food, atmosphere, experience are you looking for?

    1. Queen Mother is a nice place to hang for lunch -- get the thai/lao dishes. And then kill the next few hours either with a glass of wine or a walk around Queen St West.

      QM is 1.5 blocks west of Uni on Queen, north side

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      1. re: orangewasabi

        I definitely second Queen Mother. The food is good and the atmosphere is nice. You may or may not want reservations.

        1. re: sevenblades

          I stopped by the QM for lunch today after the thread here....very good...patio was busy but inside quiet-no reservation needed today. The Pad Thai was as usual as was the curried vegetable room for dessert or apps...featured sauvignon blanc was all an sv should be....lunch for 2 with tax and tip $62

          1. re: robgm

            Going there for lunch at the end of the month. One of my colleagues is vegetarian. Will there be choices on the menu that are okay for him?

      2. Probably too late for you, but the restaurant at Osgoode Hall is both unique and superb. 3 course prix fixe for about $18 and excellent (and reasonable) wine list. You go into Osgoode Hall (the large historic bldg in the park on the NE corner of Queen and University), submit to a security search (x-ray and metal detector, like at the airport) and follow the signs. Highly recommended.

        Just don't bring any weapons.

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        1. re: bluedog

          I think that the dining hall at Osgoode Hall closes for the summer. But, yes, it is excellent and a bargain.

        2. Too late for today, but my favourite lunch around Queen and University is at Little India. Best Indian buffet I've ever had.

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          1. re: estragon

            I can't have buffets anymore - too much of a glutton. The only one I can't resist is the Korean BBQ House on Queen, just west of University. Sooo.... much.... meat..... :P

          2. closer to citytv on the north side of Queen is a great sushi place- and it has chep lunch specials- can't remember the name of it right now

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            1. re: salad lad

              Isn't that place called "Sushi on Queen?" :P