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Jul 17, 2007 04:37 AM

Ocean Grove area fish seafood vegetarian

Would like recommendations for great eats in Jersey shore area within walking distance of Ocean Grove. My faves are fish seafood my friend would love great tofu and fresh vegetables , all ethnic stuff also great thanks

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  1. Sister sue's in Asbury has an awesome vegan chicken roti...

    1. Taka on Mattison in Asbury Park has very good sushim, cooked fish, and noodles with vegetables - I think the website is
      Old school italian and good salads at Piancone's in Bradley Beach
      Both are an easy walk from OG

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        I would reiterate joonjoon's suggestion. Within walking distance of Ocean Grove, Sister Sue's is best, and is very veg-friendly. Taka is great sushi. But that is a no-go.