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Jul 17, 2007 04:22 AM

ONE restaurant in Hazleton Lanes (open yet?)

I posted this a month ago
but was wondering if anyone had any updates on the ONE Restaurant
in the Hazleton Lanes if it has opened yet OR when it is set to open?

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  1. I assume you mean Mark McEwan's new place? It's in the new Hazelton Hotel, not Hazelton Lanes.

    The hotel is due to open Aug 1st or thereabouts, so I assume the restaurant will be opening around the same time.

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    1. re: gregclow

      They look behind to me.. Scaffolding still up in many places.. very little interior work seems to be done..I would doubt August.

          1. re: serge8u

            They were open on September 1st when we wandered by around lunch. We decided to try out the lovely patio and passed the Mark himself on the way to our table. The Lunch menu was reasonable (given the location) and familiar if you're a McEwan resto regular. We shared chef Ellerby's take on Ceasar Salad with sun spot tomatoes (nice), chicken club sandwich with pancetta & avocado (good), crisp frites with lemon garlic aioli (addictively Bymark), and the bucatini pasta with veal ricotta meatballs (outstanding). The 25 wines by the glass went from $10 to $50 (a 2003 Tignanello) and even up to $95 (a 1999 Dom Perignon) ... crazy perhaps, but it's Yorkville after all. We had the 2005 Sauvignon Blanc from Castle Rock in Monterey CA which was delicious with all our food.
            The staff were very pleasant and still seemed a bit 'new' but that was understandable given the very recent opening. Things should tighten up in the coming weeks (including the reservation book, I'm sure) or else his name isn't Mark McEwan. Overall, I think One is off to a decent start. Mark has a super-prime location here and you should go expecting to pay for that. I look forward to trying the very stylish inside dining room for dinner, likely after the Film Fest crowd disperses.

            1. re: Bohedo1

              $50 for a glass of 2003 Tignanello!?? It better be a very big glass. I can get a whole bottle for $70. I don't mind the high prices but do not want to be ripped off!

              1. re: syoung

                syoung-don't disagree that buying a bottle is considerably cheaper, but a 750 ml bottle has 4 just under 6oz glasses. So assuming the pour is 6ozs at One, the price of the bottle is $200, or marked up a little less than 3 times (300%). A lot less than many other high-end spots in the city. Still ridiculous, but not out of line with it's competitors. BYOB !!

                1. re: robb

                  Last I checked, bottles of Tignanello were $90 at vintages. for the 2003 vintage. That makes the mark-up just slightly over 100%. For a high end restaurant, that's actually a bargain.

                  1. re: Snarf

                    The 2003 375mil Tigs, just released about 3 weeks ago were $35/ each-$70/750 mil.

                    1. re: robb

                      Where are you buying them? The only available 375 tig is the 2004, which is 52.95, or 89.95 for the 750. The 2003 is available in a magnum for 210.


      1. One opened last week. I am going down there tonight with a group of 6 people. It has been really busy due to the "newness" factor and, of course, the Film Festival. Lots of celebs staying at the hotel, I am sure we will see some tonight. Looking forward to it and will try to remember to post my thoughts.

        1. Had breakfast there this morning - nice room.

          I had a fruit bowl which was $10 for a shockingly small serving - very limited bread selection - ended up having toasted foccaccio (sp?) - garlic bread at breakfast isn't great.

          Husband had the Duck Confit Hash which sounds better than it was - very small serving of hash (a few shreds of duck) - good hollandaise.

          Other guests had eggs/bacon - bacon was lovely - big rashers.

          But I don't think breakfast will be their mainstay.

          1. just a very quick update..
            My boyfriend and I had an early dinner at ONE last night before heading to second city. We were in a bit of a rush (and we're THAT hungry because it was so early) so we didnt really get the "full" experience but regardless it was a nice evening.
            The room isn't the most elegent and inspiring room Ive been in. Im not sure that I like the pony hair attached to the walls, and I found the chairs to look a bit cheap, and almost dated, but the bar in the room next door was lovely and Ill definetly be back for a drink and some snacks.
            After being seated we were promtly served some lovely fresh breads to choose from: french, whole wheat and an olive bread. My boyfriend tried the olive bread and I had the whole wheat. Unfortuntely we had to wait some time after requesting some olive oil and balsamic rather than the butter it was served with and then we basically had to fight over the balsamic because they litterally gave us a tablespoons worth.
            Anyways, other than that, the service was perfect. Our female server was very polite, attentive (never disapeared), and had answers to all of our questions. She also recommended a lovely chardonnay to go with my meal.
            The food: we started with 12 oysters to share which were served with two types of "relish". I am not oyster expert but my boyfriend definetly is and declared them to be perfect.
            For mains, ONE encourages sharing so since we werent that hungry we ordered the oven roasted Alaskin Black Cod main, the Grilled octopus & squid with chili dressing and pepper relish and a side of roasted king mushrooms.
            The mains came very quickly, no more than 15 minutes after we ordered them and arrived with Mark McEwan following behind to see how everything was. I love when the chef comes out to check on the diners, especially in this case since Ive never met him before.
            Unfortunetly, I was a bit underwhelmed by the food. The Cod was a very large piece, maybe 6-7 oz. but very thick and perfectly cooked with a nice crust formed outside. However, as soon as it hit the table, it was already pretty much cold. I also found it to be a bit too oily as it sat in a bowl filled with oil.
            The squid and octapus was a little better, it had a wonderful heat that wasn't too intimidating and even my spice-hating boyfriend loved it.
            The mushrooms were also tasty but also a little bit cold nothing special (just sliced mushrooms cooked in some butter or most likely).
            We finished with a quick Rooibos tea as we didnt have room or time for dessert, but the dessert menu does look lovely so Ill have to come back for that.
            The bill after tax and tip was about 250$ for a beer, glass of wine, 12 oysters, 2 bottles of sparkling water, 2 mains , 1 side and a tea. Not terribly bad, but I wasnt thrilled. It would have been nice if the meal was warmer.
            Next time, Ill likely just try breakfast and wait a while before trying dinner again.

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            1. re: hungryabbey

              Hey Hungry, wait til the patio's open to try again. I predict One will be THE hottest patio of the year. I'm soooo with you on the Yabu Pushelberg interior that, for me, it's the patio or the highway. Somebody please find a new resto designer!!!

              1. re: hungryabbey

                I agree with you Hungryabbey -- the food for the price is quite underwhelming. I've had dinner there on several occasions, and always thought "meh, what's the big deal". It was all adequate, but for the price, frankly not worth it

                As for the patio - Googs is very likely right. Given its location, that patio will be a scene this summer. But I still hope they can do something about the food

                1. re: mac n cheeze

                  Good to know about the patio. Its a 2 minute walk from my boyfriends condo so Im sure I will be spending many nights there for drinks and apps. Hopefully by summer they will have things worked out.