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Jul 17, 2007 04:12 AM

mexican grocery

I am in desperate need of a mexican grocery, specifically one with a good selection of dired chilies. (You can't find those in Maine) I am staying downtown for a couple of days, but I'm willing to travel where needed.
Thanks from a maine hound!

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  1. While merchants all over town sell Mexican products, for a vast selection and a big-big Hispanic market I recommend Tony's Finer Foods. There are several branches (see phone book) but the nearest to downtown is at Fullerton and Central Park. Take the Red Line subway (it runs under State Street and your stops nearest to Michigan Avenue hotels would be Grand or Chicago) in the direction of Howard and get off at Fullerton then get the Fullerton 74 bus going west to Central Park. Or, if you're driving, Tony's has a parking lot.

    1. Cermak Groceries (various locations)

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        Tony's and Cermak Produce are both great suggestions. I'd add another one: La Casa del Pueblo, a Mexican grocery closer to downtown. It's on Blue Island Ave between 18th and 19th St. You can get there from downtown on the #60 bus (catch the bus on Madison Street in the Loop, I believe) or take the Pink Line el to the 18th St stop, walk about three blocks east on 18th, then southwest a half block on Blue Island.

        If you are in town on Sunday morning, check out the Maxwell Street Market on Canal Street north and south of Roosevelt. Great street food there, plus vendors of dried chiles and fresh vegetables.

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          Yes yes yes: Maxwell Street Market. Best Mexican food in town.

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            I agree, Cermak Produce and the Grocery Store next to La Casa Del Pueblo cafeteria style restaurant. Why not try both while in the Pilsen neighborhood? You must stop at the Casa Del Pueblo restaurant beforehand. Try the chicken or bean tamales, chicken tostada's or sope's (I know what you're thinking...yeah, tostada's or sopes no big deal right? They're unbelievable here.), mole, pork in chile verde, beef chile relleno's, picadillo plate, chicken soup...the list goes on and on here. The homestyle food here is fantastic!

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions along with the restaurants / cafes. I can't wait to get there...there's nothing like a bowl of menudo or posole after a night out.

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            Yeah, the Posole and Menudo are particularly good at La Casa Del Pueblo. I've had the Posole but not the Menudo...I just can't do it but my aunt loves the Menudo.