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Jul 17, 2007 03:52 AM

Best Fish Taco in Seattle

We will be visiting Seattle in late September want we would like to know where would be the best place for fish tacos. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. YOu can get a smoked fish taco at Roy's BBQ in columbia city. Have not tried it but every thing else there has been delicious.

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    1. re: dagrassroots

      Roy's smoked fish tacos are really good. A little different than your standard fish taco, but very good.

    2. Even though they have very little to do with the rest of the excellent menu, the halibut tacos at La Carta de Oaxaca are great - I heartily recommend this restaurant to everyone anyhow. Try and go for lunch when it's much less crowded than dinnertime.

      1. Three recommendations for you for good fish tacos:
        - Agua Verde ( in the U District
        - Mezcal Grill ( at the Juanita Village in Kirkland
        - Ooba's ( in Woodinville

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        1. re: gastros

          Agua Verde most definitely. Their bacalau tacos -- beer battered fish fillets topped with a zesty avocado sauce -- are a must. Chase it down with one of their excellent margaritas as you watch your dream boat cruise by in the canal . . .

          1. re: Roo

            The grilled halibut tacos are also really good (and have the same sauce). Get there early if it's a nice day and you want to sit on the deck as it's often crowded.

            1. re: kkbriggs

              I just had their mahi mahi tacos-they were out of halibut-and thought they were awful. The fish was shredded so that it looked and tasted like canned tuna. But I do agree that Agua Verde is a neat spot-great view, neat space, etc, but it sounds like the beer battered or halibut would be a better choice.

              I've had good fish tacos at Anthony's Bell St Diner on the waterfront, but it's been a while.

        2. I just had a delicious fish taco at Duke's, and the cucumber mojitos make them extra better =)