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Jul 17, 2007 03:25 AM

Antoine's Update?

I can't help it. Four years after swearing off Antoine's for good after one of the worst restaurant experiences of my life, curiosity is killing me. Has anything improved? I keep waiting for the day that I hear that Antoine's is back.

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  1. If you put any credence to what Tom Fitzmorris has to say it is better than ever. Haven't been myself, but he is constantly raving about the place.

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    1. re: Tonto

      Last time I was there was pre-Katrina, but our experience was less than stellar.
      It is doubtful we'll ever return.

      Galatoires is a much better option IMHO.

    2. The last time I was there, the quality of the food was far from outstanding but on the other hand the evening was magical. We had good, strong bourbon cocktails and we ordered things that are just about fool-proof; souflee potatoes, oysters foch, crabmeat maison, some fresh fish and baked alaska. It was very good and if you stick to the really traditional items, I don't think you will be disappointed. The only drawback to me is the hefty bill! Not cheap.

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        My last visit (pre-K) was so bad I don't know if I'll ever go again. I did stick to the "safe" stuff, but even those choices were tired, ill-prepared, and generally of poor quality. I don't know if it's the sort of place that serves better food to the die-hard regulars or not, but I can't find anything to love about borderline bad food at those prices.

      2. I have been to Antoine's five times since it reopened. The food and service has been excellent each time. Admittedly, two of those were special occasions (Fridays before Mardi Gras and Christmas), but I could discern no qualitative difference with the other, less festive occasions. I too stuck to the standbys, which is not hard to do give the more truincated menu. I will also be there this Friday for lunch, having never had a French 75.

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        1. re: pilaf

          I'm getting a hangover just thinking about a French 75

          1. re: chef4hire

            Can someone tell me what a "French 75" is? Never heard of it. Thanks!!

            1. re: dcata25

              A champagne cocktail with lemon. Very refreshing. The best one I've had is at Arnaud's (the name of Arnaud's attached bar is the French 75).
              example recipe:

              1. re: JGrey

                It is also the featured 75 cent Friday lunch cocktail at Antoine's this summer.

              2. re: dcata25

                I've seen it with cognac & champagne and gin & champagne...Arnaud's French 75 Bar (beautiful spot) does a neat little trick by flaming the lemon oil in the twist (poooof!)

                it must be the mixing/champagne...but I have had the worst single hangover of my life after drinking them one advice is to try it (delicious) but limit to 1 or 2

                1. re: chef4hire

                  At $14 a pop (at Arnaud's), I've only ever had one at a time. :)

                  1. re: chef4hire

                    Has anyone tried the French 76, made with Voda and Grenadine?

                    1. re: kkak97

                      It's so cool asking the bartender for it. and so uncool waking up the next morning.

                    2. re: chef4hire

                      I also had the worst hangover of my life after drinking champagne cocktails at Jack's in San Francisco (they consist of champagne and brandy). I definitely think you shouldn't mix champagne with anything else

              3. All pre-Katrina, so you have to fill in the blanks. Antoine's was good, but had lost most of its previous luster. Galatoire's was much better. That said, we were glad that we did the Grand Tour, when we did, as Katrina hit a few months later and much was changed forever.