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Jul 17, 2007 01:29 AM

Good chile shop near West LA?[Moved from Home Cooking]

I'm a big-time mexican food lover, and my fiancee got me practically my dream gift for my birthday, The Border Cookbook. The downside is, a lot of the recipes call for chiles that I haven't seen in any local stores, at least not the ones that I frequent. Hell, I've had problems finding tomatillos.

I tried searching on this, but "chiles" obviously turns up a lot of results that aren't really what I'm looking for. Are there any shops in West LA that are particularly good for finding a good variety of fresh chiles? Most of the latino markets I've been to come up pretty lacking when it comes to ingredients and seem to specialize in various marinated cuts of meat rather than anything else.

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  1. Your best bet would probably be the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmer's Market.

    1. If you can do it try the Grand Central Market Downtown, the have a zillion dried chiles and whatever is fresh in season, you can also get some good mexican food while you are there. Farmers Markets are good, maybe Taqueria Sanchez or the Food Coop on Main Street?

      1. I know that the new Whole Foods in El Segundo has a nice assortment of dried and fresh chiles. Not exactly westside, but you could check the WF in SM.