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AArrgh! My new fave Hunan's Restaurant has burned down! Need recs.

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AArrgh! My new fave Hunan's Restaurant has burned down! Need recs.

zruilong posted this morning about Hunan restaurant in Alhambra that burned up this morning, but he identified it as "Hunan Jiu Jia" and that it was in a minimall, so I hoped it wasn't my new favorite Chinese place, "Hunan's Restaurant" on Valley near Atlantic in Alhambra. But I checked the web for the news, and sad to say, it's the place alright.
Run the video. It is undoubtedly the Hunan's that is burning.
About a month ago I came across some reviews of Hunan's that sounded enticing.
Tried it and loved it. Always liked Chinese food, but never found a regional style that really did it for me. But this Hunan style really hit the spot. Deep, spicy flavors, lots of chilis, but NOT overly hot. Unusual ingredients like smoked bacon, spicy fish heads, etc. Favorite was "Toss-Fried Mutton", and I don't normally like mutton. Liked this place so much I went back the next weekend, tho it's a long trip for me. Was planning on going again this weekend but... sadly... no more.
I believe the Hunan's owners had previously owned the well-liked Crown Cafe. Can anybody help me get my Hunan fix atanother good restaurant?

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