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Jul 16, 2007 09:26 PM

?Skinny Legs and Cowgirls? -- Edmonton

Has anyone tried Skinny Legs and Cowgirls on Jasper Ave? Seen/heard a couple of reviews that were positive.

Do they have a website--can't seem to find anything on the web.


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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I thought I would check to see if anyone had reviewed Skinny Legs and Cowgirls, and it seems they haven't. Herewith my rather long review.
        A couple of friends of ours managed reservations a recent Friday night and invited us along. It's a tiny place with only five tables in the dining room. With some hefty weatherproofing and floor heaters, they have managed to add another two tables on the porch, which is where we were seated. It was kind of fun tucked away amongst the red and orange draperies. I felt like I was in a kind of living room casbah.
        The ladies working the tables (one of the owners - and the other owner is her mother running the kitchen - and another gal) were utterly charming and prompt with service. The wine the table picked was declared delicious and fairly reasonably priced at $50 and my cocktail - named something to do with a woodpecker - was really yummy, citrusy without being sour, and garnished with a blackberry.
        The menu is all made for sharing. Each dish is large and meant to serve at least two people. Lots of vegetarian options, and lots of organic food.
        We started with the soup of the day, borscht. It was nice, with large chunks of beets in a light vegetable broth, with a generous dollop of sour cream and fresh dill. The only drawback is that it was just warm-ish, and would have been really good if it was actually hot. We also had the black bean hummus and tortilla chips, which was good but nothing really special. I would have liked a kick of citrus or spice in it.
        The four of us shared the two specials - the mixed grill and a salmon special. I understand the mixed grill is often on the menu. It was impressive, with four lamb chops, a couple of smoky bison ribs, sliced sirloin steak, and lots of dollops of vegetables under it all - our server said there was 20 kinds on the plate. The lamb was simply amazing with a lovely dijon and lemon crust. The ribs were a little over-sauced for my liking, with the strong smoky sauce overwhelming the taste of the bison. The sirloin was okay but not great. The potatoes gratin under the meat was almost inedible unfortunately - it was completely dried out. The rest of the vegetables were okay, but with barely a bite of each, we didn't feel we really get the chance to properly taste any one of them enough to even tell what it was. It also was not hot, just kind of warm. The salmon was served in a similar manner, with two nice filets of salmon and tons of little mounds of veggies. There was also cocoanut rice under it all, and it was quite poor - oily and dried out.
        The desserts were nice enough - everyone enjoyed the large slices of Bernard Callebaut chocolate pecan torte, though not enough to finish the huge portions.
        As I mentioned, our servers were really lovely and attentive and I can't fault a thing with the service, except that our mains took a really, really long time. But, it's a small place, with (I'm sure) an equally tiny kitchen, and it was full - so I'd be willing to cut them a break, except that our food, as I said, wasn't hot. Also, there was no mention of the price of the specials, so that the bill was a bit of a surprise - not unreasonable, but a surprise that could have been alleviated with simply a mention of the cost. With wine and dessert, it was about $400 for the four of us.
        All in all, I would certainly go back. Love the lovely service with a smile and wit to match, and they seemed to really care that you were enjoying yourself. Yes, it was a long evening, but we were really enjoying ourselves so we didn't mind (four hours start to finish). There was some real standouts, and a couple of misses, which I am happy to forgive for the charm of this small bistro.

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          I think I remember reading in a review that the mixed grill costs around $70 - certainly a fair price for the amount and variety of meat, but still for a single menu item to be that expensive it should definitely be mentioned beforehand!

          At a hundred bucks a head for dinner, I expect excellent food and service (not quite Hardware Grill but damn close!). It wasn't clean whether you ordered more than one bottle of wine, or shared a single bottle between 4 people, but either way it doesn't seem to have been the booze driving up the prices.

          So to sum up: a hundred bucks a head, modest drinking, four hours to complete a meal, with food described as "not hot", "oily", "almost inedible" ? I had been looking forward to trying this place but your review is making me think twice.

        2. It was mentioned in the top 30 new restos in Canada as reviewed by enRoute is the link

          it is not a long review, but made the list! It is on my list to try and will do so, they are newish, so I tend to take reviews lightly as there always seem to be bugs. I wonder how soon after they opened mrschris went?

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            quite a similar review to what MrsCris commented on from a fellow Chowhound [I have forgotten her "handle"] here at

            From the few reviews I have seen..mainly in the weekly free press around Edmonton...the price for the mixed grill or at least the apparent lack of forewarning seems to be a common "complaint"...service issues as well given its size.

            I have not tried it either. It is in that general should try category with for example, Bacon that I just may not get around to given its location. I would love to support a new neighbourhood place like we did with Culina when it first opened but given its pricing I must confess that I closer to egon61's viewpoint.

            1. re: Bob Mac

              I went very recently - last weekend. I'm not sure when they opened, but I believe it's been less than a year. The mixed grill was $79, but normally split between two people. We had just one bottle of wine shared by 3, and one cocktail.
              I'm really picky - as you could tell from my review. I asked MrCris his opinion, and he said he enjoyed everything except the rice, and agreed the lamb was really excellent. I asked him if he thought the food could have been served to us hotter, and he said he didn't really notice until he was almost done. We were all glancing at the serving area, wondering about our food. We didn't ask, no explanation was given, and everyone else in the restaurant waited for the same amount of time.
              I'm willing to give it another try as I liked the concept of family style sharing, I liked that it was organic, and the folks there were just so darn nice I want to try to support them. But I think next time, I'll take more notice of the prices.

          2. The original comment has been removed