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Best recipe from Food Network or CH?

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Want to know what is the best recipe that you have seen in the FN or from CH. Any kind of recipes will do. If you have the link, the recipe, or a recipe from a particular FN chef, would you guys please post? Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I don't find the Food Network to be a good source for recipes but one of them I have found to be serviceable is Tyler Florence's Chicken Francese:


      1. My favorite Food Network celebrity has always been Jamie Oliver. Years ago, when he was doing /Naked Chef/, he prepared a pork roast that is out of this world.

        He used a giant pork roast, but since I usually cook for myself, I've started using much smaller pork tenderloins. You'll need some pork, a can of peaches in heavy syrup, a handful of fresh rosemary - you cannot substitute dried - some kosher salt, twine, and some EVOO.

        First cut the loin as you would for a roulade. If you don't know how to make this cut, just cut it so that the meat lies relatively flat . Sprinkle on a little salt and lay in three or more branches of rosemary. If you prefer to take the leaves off the branches that's cool too; the main thing is to use the stuff liberally without having so many of the leaves that they become obnoxious when it's time to eat. Using your hands or a fork, place the peaches no more than 3/4 of an inch apart on the flat surface of the roast, or, of you've simply made a pocket, stuff them in. Roll the pork up so that you have a log of it containing the rosemary and peaches. Use the twine to tie the roulade closed. I suggest checking /The Joy of Cooking/ for instructions. Rub the outside of your peach-pork log with Olive Oil and sprinkle with salt. I like to use quite a lot, but, then, I live in the South. Whatever rosemary branches you have left, tuck the ends under the twine on the outside of the log, then pour the remaining heavy syrup from the peaches over the top. This is just there to keep the pork moist, so no need to use it all; use your best judgment. Then cook it 'til it's done. Allow the result to cool on the stove top for a few minutes before removing the twine and plating.

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        1. the food network has ina garten's recipes (barefoot contessa) and i have never gone wrong with them from the cookbooks. only the tequila lime chicken was too much work for the end result but there are some great ones! only thing is hers come and go from the website.

          1. one of my favorites was Emeril's...Grilled Vegetable Lasagna with Puttanesca Sauce and Pesto Oil.

            1. I like these two preparations for pork tenderloin:

              Grilled Pork Tenderloin Filled with Walnut Romesco and Served with Caramelized Date-Shallot Sauce:


              Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Hazelnut Romesco and Fresh Oregano Vinaigrette:

              You can do a lot of the work ahead of time, which makes it great for cooking for guests. Not to mention, they both taste great. I've make the former recipe several times, and I recently made the latter (still have some leftovers in the fridge).

              I don't like using words like "best", but these recipes are very very good for pork tenderloin. I usually serve it with some roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and some crispy sauteed spinach with garlic (just keep cooking it after it's wilted until it gets kind of crispy).

              1. Like others, I find Tyler Florence's recipes both easy to follow and delicious, and I have found many excellent recipes here on the 'hound.

                But the one person whose recipes I will *NEVER* attempt are Paula Dean's from "Home Cooking" on the Food Network. I'm diabetic, and I can't think of anything she prepares that doesn't include so much sugar, carbs, and fat that it would send my blood sugar to the moon. I watch her like I watch horror movies; today, she made fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches - commercial peanut butter (full of sugar and hydrogenated oils) and white bread (of course) - fried in butter (natch), and then she dips the sandwiches in sugar and cinnamon. And she suggests serving this to kids when they get home from school!

                I sometimes wonder why there is so much hysteria over second-hand smoke, where an informed reading of the data shows the only people at serious risk are non-smoking spouses of heavy smokers, and virtually no outcry about the horrible foods (and I'm not even including trans-fats in this) we allow our kids to eat.

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                  Oh I think that the outcry concerning what our kids eat is absolutely on the rise...I have viewed at least 3 programs in the last month about our "overweight kids epidemic"...I also saw this morning on the news that Coke and a few others are vowing to take kids out of their commercials...Then there is the Mickey D's approach to healthier menu items....What is still a chronic problem, and one that I see virtually no serious change in, is what the public school menu consist of...I'm sure that it is economically driven, but my son still usually has a choice of fried chicken fingers or pizza, and fries etc...Not only is the quality of the food horrific, but the unhealthy choices are terrible...(BTW, this all starts in daycare....)