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Jul 16, 2007 08:57 PM

"Real Food for Real People"?

As opposed to...

"Fake Food for Real People"?
"Real Food for Fake People"?

Anyone else think this phrase of Rory's on TNFNS is not only insulting to other shows but -- in its own way -- elitist? Yeah,I know what she means by it, but please -- most of the cooking shows on TV proport to do this very thing.

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  1. I haven't seen the show, but actually, no I don't think its insulting to other shows any more than the creation of another food show at all is. Starting a new show can be read as implying that all other shows are deficient. Or, it can be seen as what it is: a business. They need to create new programming to keep people watching. Nor do I think its at all elitist. Many shows purport to offer up tips or recipes for the home cook. But I would take the idea of "real food for real people" to mean non-pre-packaged and/or overly processed stuff that would be something the average person can do on a weeknight. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. It's an attempt to make good food accessible to regular people. A lot of people are intimidated by chefs and service staff at pretentious restaurants that charge hundreds of dollars for their tasting menu.

      Admittedly I don't think that Rory is very real but more of a fake so she isn't the best person to attempt to do this. Her catch phrase should be "Fake Chefs Who Pretend to Cook for Real People."