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"Real Food for Real People"?

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As opposed to...

"Fake Food for Real People"?
"Real Food for Fake People"?

Anyone else think this phrase of Rory's on TNFNS is not only insulting to other shows but -- in its own way -- elitist? Yeah,I know what she means by it, but please -- most of the cooking shows on TV proport to do this very thing.

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  1. I haven't seen the show, but actually, no I don't think its insulting to other shows any more than the creation of another food show at all is. Starting a new show can be read as implying that all other shows are deficient. Or, it can be seen as what it is: a business. They need to create new programming to keep people watching. Nor do I think its at all elitist. Many shows purport to offer up tips or recipes for the home cook. But I would take the idea of "real food for real people" to mean non-pre-packaged and/or overly processed stuff that would be something the average person can do on a weeknight. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. It's an attempt to make good food accessible to regular people. A lot of people are intimidated by chefs and service staff at pretentious restaurants that charge hundreds of dollars for their tasting menu.

      Admittedly I don't think that Rory is very real but more of a fake so she isn't the best person to attempt to do this. Her catch phrase should be "Fake Chefs Who Pretend to Cook for Real People."