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Jul 16, 2007 07:44 PM

Best Brunch in Dupont Circle?

Who's got the best brunch in Dupont Circle? I'm having a hard time finding a place that serves quiche - imagine that!

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  1. Hi nspen,

    Unfortunately no quiche but the Afterwords Cafe (@ Kramerbooks) has a great brunch (just went a couple weekends ago).

    Included in the price of brunch are some yummy muffins, OJ, coffee and a mimosa! I had the tomato/ avocado eggs benedict and it was great. Food that kept being served around us looked good as well. Basically you get a lot of stuff for less than $20 including tax and tip.

    Good luck finding some quiche!

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    1. re: gundy1814

      I found the food at Kramer's decent but was truly disgusted that every dish, glass and utensil was dirty....remnants of previous diners and smudges of oil, fingerprints, lipstick, etc. everywhere. i was told by the waiter that at least it was "sterilized debris" left on the plates.... yeah, but still???

      instead, i'd recommend Napoleon. it's tiny, hip french inspired bistro up a bit from Dupont Circle in Adam's Morgan. cute decor, a bit Euro-stylish, and pretty good french food... crepes, quiches, salade nicoise, etc. portions are small but tasty!

      1. re: somnig

        I ate brunch at Napolean and waspretty dissapointed with the menu. I though it was pretty boring and the omlette I had wasn't that good. I haven't been back since.

      2. re: gundy1814

        Kramer's brunch is very overpriced for the quality and service. Often they "forget" to put the free muffins or give you drinks that are included in your pricey entree. The chef also has trouble cooking omlettes for some reason. He either burns them or undercooks them.

      3. tabbard inn.

        krammerbooks is good for people watching/outdoor seating, but the food is mediocre IMO. for more casual, there's teaism...good scones and iced tea and eggs.

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        1. re: Jeserf

          Mediocrity is really too high of a compliment for anything other than Kramers desserts :)

        2. Not sure if they have quiche but I really like Luna Grill and Diner on Conn. Ave. It is pretty casual but the food is great and there are some good healthier options. The sweet potato fries are a favorite. Here is there Web site:

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          1. re: WashDC33

            i second Luna, nothing fancy, just good ole brunch food.

          2. I like the brunch at Kramerbooks...I go there quite a bit with friends.

            Tabard Inn is touch and go sometimes.

            I've only been once but the brunch at Beacon (its a hotel and restaurant) was good if I remember correctly.

            I know its not in Dupont Circle but I love the brunch deal at Bistro Bis. And they also have a delicious quiche with a good crust, served with mixed greens. (Get it with the smoked salmon appetizer and you'll be quite happy! :) )

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            1. re: Elyssa

              I like Kramerbooks for the location and outdoor area. Otherwise, I think the food is overpriced.

              My favorite place to grab brunch is open city. I'm sure i'll get ragged on, but it's always good food, the wait staff can be spacey but they don't rush you out of the place on a nice warm day, and you can get whatever you want.

              1. re: Elyssa

                The Beacon is fun if for no other reason than it's an all you can drink brunch, and yes they do have quiche and make to order omlettes.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  Thanks! I think I'll try Bistro Bis for the quiche!

                  I think we're in for a nice culinary trip for our stay in DC -- we've got reservations at Komi, Charlie Palmer's and now, Bistro Bis.

                  1. re: nspen1010

                    Ooooooo can I come along!? Sounds like a great line up. Have fun and make sure to report back.

                2. Heading closer to Logan Circle is the famous brunch at Logan Tavern. They get pretty busy but its a really good brunch. Again--can't remember if they have quiche---I do recall great bloody mary's though! :)

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                  1. re: Elyssa


                    With that amount of attitude, the bloodies should be strong