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Hidden breakfast gems in the Atlanta area??

dantastic Jul 16, 2007 07:03 PM

I'm looking for that one breakfast spot that you just can't resist ... less greasy spoon, more fresh, creative kitchen. A wait is okay, provided the food is worth it. :)

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    erowan RE: dantastic Jul 17, 2007 04:12 AM

    An Atlanta favorite for breakfast/brunch is Murphy's in the Virginia Highlands. Expect a wait on Sat/Sun, but well worth it. You'll probably make some cool friends while you wait - it draws quite a crowd. Enjoy!


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      womenluvtofish RE: erowan Jul 25, 2007 03:25 PM

      try J. Christophers

    2. o
      offtheeatenpath RE: dantastic Jul 17, 2007 05:55 AM

      Try West Egg Cafe. Great cupcakes too.

      1. l
        laurendlewis RE: dantastic Jul 17, 2007 07:44 AM

        I second Murphy's - it's my favorite spot.
        Also Buckhead Bread Company, Babette's, Sun in my Belly

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          ATL_Anne RE: dantastic Jul 17, 2007 09:10 AM

          Our favorite is Ria's Bluebird Cafe:


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            dantastic RE: ATL_Anne Jul 18, 2007 03:25 AM

            Thanks everybody!! You've given me a great list to start with ...

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              jgraben RE: dantastic Jul 20, 2007 02:02 PM

              Murphy's is really great, but brunch is ALWAYS packed expect a wait. The Silver Skillet on 14th st in midtown is a great little spot.

              1. re: dantastic
                RxDiesel RE: dantastic Jul 25, 2007 01:38 PM

                Thumb's Up on Edgewood, close in to the city; second pick is The Flying Biscuit on McClendon in the Lake Claire neighborhood. Murphy's, while popular, a distant 3rd to these two in meeting your goal ....

                1. re: RxDiesel
                  Kingrover RE: RxDiesel Jul 25, 2007 02:01 PM

                  No one I know can stand the Flying Biscuit's mediocre food anymore. Thumbs Up is really good, as is Murphy's. Babette's has a great brunch. Silver Skillet was always a little to greasy spoon for me. West Egg is my favorite.

                  1. re: Kingrover
                    laurendlewis RE: Kingrover Jul 25, 2007 06:31 PM

                    Did you all hear that Flying Biscuit is being rolled out all over GA and the country soon?? That doesn't bode well for the fragile remains of FB as it stands now...

            2. m
              Meatloaf2006 RE: dantastic Jul 20, 2007 04:08 PM

              I don't know how hidden it is, but Goldberg's is fantastic!!

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