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Jul 16, 2007 06:49 PM

What can I do with saffron?

My brother recently returned from Yemen and as a gift he brought me about a quarter of a pound of saffron. I have never seen this much in my life. I rarely cook with it because it is so expensive but now I could make a salad out of it if I wanted (just joking). I need help thinking of different recipes. PLEASE HELP!

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  1. Well, my birthday is coming up. =)

    Actually, I've really enjoyed a couple seafood potpie/stew sort of dishes in creamy saffron broth. One at a tapas place was called Zarzuela, which google tells me is a traditional Catalan fish stew. The other was a deconstructed seafood pot pie my wife had at a little place by the ocean in Connecticut. Both were beautiful selections of shellfish, squid, and fish in that delicious rich broth.

    1. dye stuff.

      Saffron is the new black, you know.... ;)

      1. Just look towards Spanish food which utilizes saffron like mad. Paella, etc. check out recipes from Ilan Hall on season 2 of Top Chef, he used saffron in most of his dishes that he stole from Casa Mono. Apparently his Fideos with clams was good, or should I say Mario Batali's fideos recipe. Add saffron to your rice when you cook it, add a little to your soups. Saffron gives a nice background flavor to many dishes, use it sparingly though, it's an overwhelming flavor. And as novelgazer said, seafood goes wonderfully with saffron; try poaching your seafood in saffron broths or saffron butter.

        1. paella and pilaf for all!!!!