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Jul 16, 2007 06:28 PM

What do you think of Wallse?

The daughter of a friend heard Wallse is good and wants to go--for the money, what do you think? Alternates in the area? Thanks

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  1. I love the neighborhood and location, and the restaurant itself is warm and intimate. The food wasn't memorable, IMO, but what made the evening worth it for me was getting to meet the owner/chef as he was walking from table to table to make sure everything was ok.

    1. It is good, but you need to like Austrian food to really enjoy it. I live two doors down from them, great wine list and great food, but you need to be in the mood for it. What type of foods do you like/prefer? There are several great options in the area if Austrian is not what you are looking for, but need to know what you want to steer you correctly.

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        We like pretty much everything; Austrian is not necessarily a favorite, it's just something she heard that was good and seemed to be a good dinner her mom could pay for...she's open.

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          it is very good so in that case i would rec it!

      2. Wallse is classy and delicious. I do not think that one needs to like Austrian food in order to enjoy a meal there. In fact, my favorite dishes there (the lamb chops for example) do not seem to be Austrian at all. The wines are also wonderful there. Lots of choices that most of us are not familiar with. It's a really nice evening all around. Enjoy!
        Jeremy EG

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          I agree - a lot of the dishes really don't have much of an Austrian component to them. Haven't been for several months now, but always enjoy our meals there - they do wonderful things with lobster - and it is fun to try Austrian wines - the sommelier is very helpful. Not a huge fan of their desserts though.

        2. We ordered the tasting menu and enjoyed everything except the desserts. They brought each person a different dessert, sort of like His and Hers. Mine was some kind of fruit parfait. It seemed as if they just threw a bunch of ingredients into a big glass without really thinking about what they were doing.

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            That's interesting. I actually didn't enjoy the tasting menu--I found it boring--and I'm planning on going a la carte on my next visit. I was particularly disappointed by the tasting menu b/c I'm a fan of Cafe Sabarsky, Blaue Gans, and Thor (while it was in the same restaurant family).

          2. 4 of us were there three weeks ago. Overall we were underwhelmed. You'll have an ok experience but not a memorable one. Go up a notch to Perry St. or down a notch to Spotted Pig.