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Jul 16, 2007 06:16 PM

Help - Rome/Florence/Venice dining choices

Ciao Hounds

I am a 28 y/o Italian Travel Specialist, My only week point is dining as our agency didn't do dinner reservations until just this year. Now we offer dinner reservations to our clients. So I'm starting to get to know and try ristorante's throughout it when I go over, so I can come back and know these places and my clients can trust my recommedations.

I'm going to Italia in August, taking my mother who is travel international for the first time in her life. You hounds are great and like your feedback on what i have reserved. Are my choices good?

I like hip and modern, and she well shes my mother and perfers more traditional ype places. She loves cooking and is a chef in training, but we can only afford like 30,00-50,00 Euro p/meal.

Grazie amici!

First night: Ditirambo
Second night: Montecarlo (Piazza Matsai - Trastevere)
Third night: rHome
Fourth night: Molto Ristorante (in Parioli) Is it worth it to take a taxi to this place o no?

Sorrento: open - 1 nt

First night: il Latini
Second night: open
Third night: Borgo Antico
Fourth night: open

First night: open
Second night: il Mascaron (Is this place good? easy to find?)

First night: open
Second night: open

Final night: Acqua Negra

Any insight would be great! Grazie!


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  1. for florence,

    cafe pitti.
    piazza pitti 9

    maybe for lunch in florence:
    Oil Shoppe
    Via S.Egidio, 22R
    50122 Firenze (Firenze), Italy
    +39 055 2001092

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    1. re: caitybirdie

      Grazie caitybirdie!

      Also I cancelled Molto in Roma, to a closer place to our hotel, the Trattoria Moderna. Seen no point after thinking about it making the trip in a cab up to Parioli.


    2. Go to Trattoria Toto ...You wont be sorry. One of our Best meals in all of Italy. Fresh pasta's and really Great Grilled meats.

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      1. ditirambo is a very good choice. i've eaten there a few times and can vouch for their homemade pastas (especially the cacio e pepe) and their grilled fish. wine selection is very good.

        ditirambo is popular with tourists and locals alike so reservations are a must. be advised the tables are packed pretty tight. the food and wine trump that shortcoming in my opinion. i've read complaints about the service but my experiences have all been more than positive (polite banter, unrequested-but-appreciated wine samples and after dinner drinks on the house).

        all-in-all, a very positive experience

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        1. re: steve h.

          Grazie Steve.....I 've heard good things about it to...looking forward to it as our first meal on the trip, I'll let you know my thoughs when i get back!

          1. re: steve h.

            Went to my bag of Treasures...found the business card. Turns out it is Ristorante TOTO...
            Here is there website. Directions can be found on there.

          2. I've changing Molto, to Trattoria Moderna...close to our hotel...after thinking about it for a week I seen no real reason to goto Molto. myabe next time.