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Jul 16, 2007 06:05 PM

3 days/nights in Montreal-- Advice on "MUST" places to eat-- $ no object

My parents are taking a much-deserved long weekend trip to Montreal in late September and are big foodies. I'd love any recommendations on restaurants you would consider "musts" to dine at if you were visiting the city. They are willing to splurge, so send your best recommendations! Thank you!

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  1. My MUST list includes:

    Toqué - fine dining, expensive, and oh-so-good
    Au Pied de Cochon - loud, boisterous, rich, and the most uniquely prepared foie gras
    Pinxto or Zumaia -both serve upscale Pinxtos and are excellent (mid-high prices)
    L'atelier - we just ate here for the first time last weekend and would most definitely recommend it. The resto has a very cool vibe, there is a major attempt to use local/Quebec produce and the food is all served in entreé portions so you get to try a lot of flavours over the course of your meal.
    L'express - even if it is just for a café au lait for breakfast, they should check this spot out as it is as close to a Paris bistro as I have seen outside of Paris

    Hope this helps:)

      1. Queue de Cheval. Excellent steaks, beautiful atmoshpere.

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          I wouldn't say that QDC is a must for fooodies visiting Montreal. It's for people with more money than sense.

          If I had to make a list of Montreal of musts based on what is posted on this board it would be:

          Club Chasse et Peche
          La Chronique
          Au Pied de Cochon
          Joe Beef

        2. Oh, I totally love Le Muscadin! sounds French, but is completely Italian! Food is fabulous, and service even better. The owner is Charlie Iacono. Tell him Chef June says hello!

          1. It really depends on their taste. Personally, I would recommend:
            - Au Pied de Cochon (,
            - Le Club Chasse et Pêche ( ,
            - Ferreira ( and
            - Toque (
            in that order, though I know who would reverse it.

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              Check-out Brunoise. It is a good solid resto with lots of atmosphere. Go back over Chowhounds and you will find lots of fun and great restaurants.

                1. re: rcianci

                  Thanks all--- they will be eating well during their trip!